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Home Again, Home Again

I had better write now about the last of the trip before I forget things!  That seems to happen more and more these days!

When we left Quartzsite we headed to Lake Havasu and spent a couple nights with friends Bill and Jan, from Des Moines.  They rent a home for a few months during the winter.  We did some darn good eating, drinking and a little sight-seeing.  It had rained quite hard the day before we got there so things were much greener than we are used to seeing.  Bill walks down by the lake for 3.5 to 4 miles most mornings so I went with him one morning.  It is a great place to walk.  It is almost completely flat and there is plenty to look at while you walk… even fairly early in the morning there were softball games and bocce ball games being played.  People were kayaking and jet skis were starting to head out onto the lake.

When we left Havasu our intent was to travel based on weather in northern California and the Siskiyou mountains so we had days built in for weather delays but were also ready to put in some fairly long days to be traveling on the better weather days.  Based on all that we headed to Bullhead City to stay a night or two.  We stayed at a county park right on the Colorado River looking down toward the casinos in Laughlin.  We picked a dry camp area because we could be right on the river.  We were the only RV in this particular area which was really nice.  During the day there were people enjoying lunch on the river and several people fishing.


Our motorhome as the tour boat passes by



Enjoying the sun on the Colorado River



The view at night



Complimentary birthday dessert at Harrah’s in Laughlin

The day before my birthday we went to Harrah’s for a great dinner at their steakhouse.  It was fabulous but way too much food!   We actually took most home and had it for dinner the next night.  We did a little gambling at the Blackjack tables and made enough to almost cover our dinner and bottle of champagne.  Not shabby.  When you factor in that we ate the leftovers the next night we were actually ahead!

After two nights on the river we headed to Bakersfield, then a night in Redding.  We stayed in a small RV area in Redding that was part of a casino and had an OK dinner in the bar and gambled some more.  Blackjack once again paid for our dinners!

Weather reports showed it snowing in the pass that night but the next was to be fairly dry so we headed out fairly early.  We hit All Star Liquor in Hilt, Ca at 10:00 a.m. and filled the motorhome and Stubby’s trailer with stuff for us and several family members and a few friends.


Mt. Shasta

By this time we caught the scent of Washington and home so we put in a long day.  We got Dale and Christy’s lake house (for those new to my blog, that is Garry’s son and his wife) to Mossyrock on Saturday night just in time for dinner.  We spent Saturday and Sunday nights there and drove home on Monday.  Saturday was a 10 hour day but Monday only two hours.

So, since we got home it has been unpacking, laundry, seeing family (Yay!!!), going to a funeral and then to our youngest granddaughter’s 4th birthday party.  We miss the warm weather we had in Mexico but thanks to some new links and contacts  I am able to follow what is happening in Kino Bay, Puerto Lobos and Puerto Penasco.   Several times a day I can hear Garry muttering things about Mexico, warm weather, fishing.  He is already planning next year down there.


Hail at home




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1,468 – That’s how many miles from home to Lake Havasu. I am sitting in Lake Havasu at Starbucks finally with some wifi, catching up on emails and local Seattle news. We have been staying in the motorhome parked next to our friends (the Landes) house they are renting. It is a great house; the only drawback is no internet.

This post may be abit long since I don’t know when I will post again. Bear with me!
We made it to Bullhead City, Az just in time for my birthday on the 23rd. Thanks to everyone for the e-cards and phone calls! We spent a fun night eating, drinking and gambling at the Riverside casino – actually made $60 and Gar lost $0. We had a great little spot on the river at Davis Camp county park. The next day we drove up and visited our property. We were pleasantly surprised how few places are up for sale. Most for sale signs were on vacant lots, not on homes.

But I must back up. Remember how I mentioned before that our friends, the Keenans, were about 50 miles ahead of us. Well, that continued for 3 days. They finally stopped for about 30 minutes so we could catch up at a rest stop just before Needles Calif. They headed on to Lande’s place when we head to Bullhead.

Back to Bullhead… So on Friday we parked for awhile on our property and napped in the sun. At my request Gar had bought tickets for the Mickey Gilley performance that night; then we heard that he had had a stroke but it was still a good show. A little nervous we went to the show. Well, it wasn’t a stroke. He fell a couple years ago and broke 4 bones in his back and is not able to stand long and not able to play the piano yet but it was a fun show and we are glad we went to it. We dry camped in the casino parking lot just for the experience..

We left Saturday morning; stopping by Gar’s classmate Han’s place but he was not home so we started heading to Havasu. Along the way we found a boat and car show in Needles on the river. Ran into boat racers who knew people we knew and ran into someone who knew us. It was lots of fun. Then back on the road to Havasu.

We have spent the last few days at Lande’s place. Keenans just left this morning for Las Vegas, but while we were all together that was lots of food, drinks and fun. Yesterday Bill drove us to Bar In the Desert outside of Parker, Az. Google it! It is an old copper mine that someone turned into a bar in the ’80’s. It is only open on weekends, from about 10 a.m. to dusk. It is solar powered – no electricity as we know it. It is packed all the time and we had a ball. The road to it is dusty and primitive. We were glad Bill drove! Motorhome would not have made it.

Since we’ve been to Havasu Gar has repaired the step to the rig that the Chevron station took out. He repaired the side view mirror that kept pivoting. We think he repaired the door to the motorhome that would swing open while we were driving even though the door was locked (big oops!) Today he is trying to figure out how to repair the gas intake leak because the RV repair place in town has never attempted it before and wanted $100 per hour to try. When Jan and I left for Starbucks Garry and Bill were cutting into the floor of the bathroom to try to get to things. Can’t wait to see what there will be when we get back.

Depending on today’s repairs we will know when we leave for Yuma. We are hoping to be there this weekend to go to a car show and say hi to some friends before we head to Las Vegas for the Nascar race. The way things are in Daytona, it might end up being the first race of the season!

So, you are now current. We are soooo sorry to be missing the snow in Seattle! Guess we will have to suffer the sun!