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Not Normal (For Us)

This has been a very different spring for us.  We are enjoying the luxury of not doing tons of maintenance on our old place while running around like crazy trying to get our boat ready for our annual trip to Canada.  Instead the boat is almost ready, the dinghy is ready and Garry is already working on remodeling the new motorhome a little on the inside.

We did have our boat hauled out a week ago to have the barnacles all scraped off, get new bottom paint and replace the old eaten up zincs.  This time we went to Nordlund Marine which is on the Hylebos waterway in Tacoma.   It was much more convenient than going all the way to Seattle to Delta Marine.   Nordlund does beautiful custom boats and haulout work like we needed.  They are very friendly and laid back there.  It was definitely a good experience.


Looks big!


New prop speed put on


Bottom paint time

We are having a canvas extension made for the back of the boat top deck that will cover us when we are back in the transom.  This will be really nice if it is sunny and we want to sit in the shade and even nicer if it is raining and we need to go out on the back deck.  Garry has been talking about it for several years and we finally enjoy it this year.  This probably makes no sense so I will have to send you a picture of it when done.   The metal framework is done and the canvas is being cut and fabricated today.

We don’t have a firm departure date.  All I know is that it will be after Father’s Day.  All next week is the last of the shopping, haircuts, doctor appointments, etc.  Prescriptions are filled, Canadian fishing licenses purchased, passports ready…

We are really happy that Theresa, Jason and the two granddaughters will be coming up to join us for a week in August.   I booked the flights with Northwest Seaplanes.   Not only are they close to get to (Renton) but they will fly into locations other than the scheduled stops so if we are in an area that is safe to land we just give the them the coordinates plenty in advance and they will come to where the boat is.   We might take them up on that.  We did take out trip cancellation insurance because Theresa’s dad (my ex) and Jason’s dad are both in poor health right now but we are really hoping they will be able to spend that week with us.   Theresa spent most of her childhood summers boating in Desolation Sound so she really wants to share that experience with Jason, Natalie and Isabel.



Garry’s Project

Sharon Lee

You all know how Garry likes to keep busy, so I thought I would share a little of one of his many winter projects.  A few months ago he decided to start restoring his very first boat, the Sharon Lee – a 1976 24′ Bell Boy.  This boat has made many a successful crossing of the Westport Bar searching for the elusive salmon and has had many an adventure in the San Juans, the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound.

The restoration project is turning out to be a bit more than anticipated but he seems to be enjoying it.   After completely gutting the boat, he is now in the process of starting to put things back together.   Thanks to our many boating friends there is an abundance of help and advice.

As you can see by the two pictures, there is a bit of work to do.  The goal is to have the boat done by this summer so some of the kids and/or friends are able to tow it to Canada and do some fishing with us while we are up north.

While doing this post I’ve been trying to figure out what I have been doing wrong in prior posts when adding pictures.   It’s a bit more complicated than I first thought but I might have it figured out now.

Hey!  Maybe I will add a 3rd picture just to test myself.