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Boat? You Bet!


We arrived in Kino Bay last Wednesday after a nice uneventful drive on the newly paved road. Only about 2 kilometers were unpaved and we detoured around that but saw paving going as as we passed by so by now that stretch is probably done. What a difference from last year when the road was the worst we had ever been on.

But before we left San Carlos there was one last thing we had to do….buy a boat!!!!! Yes, we did. Well, not all the paperwork is done yet but it looks like we did. It is owned by a man from Idaho who is ill so selling his boat, condo, etc. Anyway, it is a 2004 26’ Robalo with twin 225 Yamaha four stroke outboards. The boat has lots of quality electronics and is outfitted with some of the seller’s fishing gear for us. It comes with a trailer and we were able to make arrangements to keep the indoor concrete storage for it. It really is a nice boat. It is extremely well taken care of. So, of course that means we will be in San Carlos more next year – probably at least for 2 months.

Needless to say, we are hoping some friends and/or family make it to San Carlos next year to do some fishing!!!


3 thoughts on “Boat? You Bet!

  1. good quality hi end boat

  2. Sign me up unless you think I am too old.

  3. Awesome Mar, tell Garry congratulations! Hope he was able to do even more negotiations from the $40,000 asking price. We are now in Palm Springs. Had to getup at 3:30 a.m. so we could catch a 6:25 a.m. flight. Took a nap, we were exhausted, and we’re both fighting colds. We’ll relax for 4 days visiting some of Kathryn’s relatives then join her cousins for some fun, sun and golf for two weeks. Then back home to start updating the electrical in my garage, more outlets, better and more lighting, insulate the ceiling and hopefully add heating. Thanks for keeping us updated via your blog. TOM

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