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South near the Border

Winter Trip 2017-2018

I am sitting in sunny Arizona writing this post. We took off in the motor home very early the morning after Thanksgiving. The plan this year is to take the motor home to an RV Park in Arizona and fly home from Phoenix until after Christmas, then fly back to get to Mexico in time for our New Years reservations but without the stress of leaving on Christmas Day and worrying about weather.

It actually is turning out to be a great plan. The only real issue was that this motor home is new to us and Garry wanted to do a lot of modifications to it before we left without much time to do those modifications. As usual he kept saying “if I only had 2 more days!” Funny, I dont think that would have done it. And besides…. if he had done everything before we left what projects would he have while we are in Mexico???

We have traveled approximately 1450 miles in 3.5 days and tomorrow will be at our destination in less than 2 hours. We have lucked out on weather because it has been nice the entire way with weather reports saying bad weather was coming into all the places along our route… just a day or two behind us. I sure know how to plan, right??

The new motor home is really nice; new being a relative term. We went from a 2003 31 foot Class C with a single 18” slide out to a 2008 34 foot diesel Class C with 2 slide outs, the largest one sliding out 36”. It feels so much roomier than the old one. It has a truck style cab and so we sit higher and see a lot more. It is really comfortable to ride in for those long days on the road. The storage inside is very different so I continue to move things around but there is much more storage overall.
Everything seems to work just fine with the biggest problem being a need to tighten the microwave in place. For you truck techie people it has Banks Power for better climbing those steep mountain passes and it has Jake brakes for compression braking going down the passes. Garry likes the Banks. I love the Jake. We have a much larger fuel tank so can go more than twice as long between fuel ups. Our mpg is better than the old motor home  and that is nice too since diesel costs so much more than gas.

Day one in Oregon around Salem we had our first funny incident. Well, it was funny to us, but not the other car. We were moving right along and could hear a noisy vehicle coming up on our left side. It sounded like a large motorcycle but it was a car with a loud muffler system and the kind that sits low to the ground. The guy was hot dogging around big time and showing off. And just as he was almost past us he blew a tire. Smoke was everywhere. Rubber was going everywhere. He had to quickly swerve over in front of us and to the curb with rubber chunks Flying all over  but completely missing us. As we passed him Garry did a friendly honk on the horn and waved. Ok, maybe it wasn’t funny. No, it was. ( Garry has corrected my version… as the guy swerved over in front of us after passing us is when he blew the tire.. and I think that is correct.)

In Northern California near Redding we saw a flock of wild turkeys in a field. They were looking really calm and delaxed . I guess they decided they didn’t have to worry until next Thanksgiving.

Our biggest dilemma so far was trying to be somewhere Saturday for the Apple Cup. I had a plan A but then decided we could make it a few hours more to Fresno and called and got a reservation at the only decent sounding RV Park. It was non-refundable but we took it. Then I realized with satellite or cable unless the game was going to be on a local station or ESPN we could not get it on tv. Gar just shook his head when I called a bar in Fresno and asked if the game would be on and what channel. He said yes, and on Fox. Great news! That works for cable and satellite. But then he told me the time of the game. I had forgotten that the XM radio lineup I had been looking at for games and game times were all east coast time. Fresno is now out because we won’t make it in time. I called the RV park and told her a story about RV problems and we had to stop in Sacramento for repairs and couldn’t make it. I also said I understood it was non-refundable but I thought she should know we weren’t coming in case someone else could use the spot. She felt bad for us so refunded the payment. Yay! And we went back Tom plan A.

The only other real story to tell so far is fuel. We fueled up in Oregon before we crossed into California because fuel is so expensive in California fact diesel is almost $1 more per gallon. We knew we wouldn’t make the whole state on one tank so we put a little in near Bakersfield. Then realizing we had not done enough we put a little more in when we drove through Barstow. Then as we headed toward Needles those mountains really messed up our consumption predictions so in Needles we out in a whopping 3 gallons to get us to the first Arizona station that we always go to. We out in 79 gallons in an 80 gallon tank!!!! Yikes! But we made it!!

We fly home tomorrow night and I will be able to do some Christmas decorating this year. More updates after we fly back down after Christmas.CAD0A0C5-0794-4F74-8D0B-0FE5DB66A691