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Port Hardy

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July 20th… tonight will be our third night in Port Hardy. We are leaving in the morning for Blunden probably. The winds are predicted to start picking up tomorrow and I don’t want to be out in the Queen Charlotte Straits if it is too windy. It is only about 14 miles to Blunden but it can be an easy 14 miles or pure torture.

We have had a great time in Port Hardy. We were very lucky to get a reservation at the marina. There had been a cancellation, otherwise we never would have come here. We travelled most of the way in fog on Tuesday and just inside the bay we decided to fish some while the sun burned off the fog.
Within a couple minutes Garry had caught about a 8 to 10 pound coho (silver). He caught 2 other small ones that we let go and then headed in to the marina.

Just after we tied up we saw a boat across the dock from us with a Des Moines Yacht Club burgee but I didn’t recognize the boat or boat name. Turns out it belongs to club member Jim Davis. He is out for a few months. He is taking a few friends at a time up fishing further north near Shearwater. They had just got back and were getting ready to get their very successful catch up to the local packing and processing place. We had a fun time getting to know Jim and his friends Gary and Eric that night. They were going to pick up their fish in the morning and drive home to Des Moines ….about a 12 hour trip including ferries. Jim left his boat here and will be back in a week or so with a couple more friends and do it all over again. Eventually, his last group of friends will go around Vancouver Island with him and fish the west side as he brings the boat back to Des Moines.

Our friends, Gord and Marilyn, have sold their home here and are having a home built north of Nanaimo. Gord stopped by for an hour Tuesday to chat and then yesterday they both came down for a nice visit. They are going through what we did last fall….. pack, pack, sell, sell, donate, donate, junk, junk. They were also lucky like us that the new owners wanted to keep a lot of the furnishings. They are downsizing since they also bought a place in Mesa Arizona last year and will spend 6 months a year there. We were really glad to share some celebratory champagne with them.

There is little room at Port Hardy for large boats. The marina we are at can hold about six to eight. Most of the slips are for smaller fishing boats and guide boats. There is a government dock right by here and there are a couple large boats there but most are commercial fishing boats. Of the seven large boats here at these two places, four (including us) are Westbay Sonships. We are the smallest. The others are all 6 feet longer. One is a boat we see here almost every year.

Will catch up with you down the way.


One thought on “Port Hardy

  1. Mar,

    Tell Garry awesome job . . . . . . catching the fish. I’m so envious of you guys . . . . . I’ve fished at Malcom Island at Sund’s Lodge and I’m a little familiar with the area and nearby Port McNeil.

    Sounds like your having a great time. Went fishing here on July 16th, we got an 8# King and lots of shakers fishing Point No Point and Possession Bar.

    Keep up the Blog.


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