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Peaceful Friendly Sointula

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We are at the Sointula marina on Malcolm Island. It was a short hop of about 4 miles yesterday. I know I wrote about Sointula before but I will do brief recap. In the early 1900s a group of Finns from Vancouver came here to get away from oppression working in the coal mines. The name Sointula means “place of harmony”. The goal was to create a society where property was communal. Everyone shared. Everyone participated. They formed a foundry, a brickyard, sawmill, and blacksmith shop. They believed in “Sound body, sound mind”. They had regular exercise sessions, gymnastic programs, music instruction, concerts, drama productions. Unfortunately there were leadership issues and eventually assets were sold back to the bank and the land returned to the government of British Columbia. Many purchased their own land and fishing and hand logging became the industries. In 1909 the Sointula Cooperative Store Association was formed as is the oldest running co-op in British Columbia. It is a great store that is a grocery store and a variety store, and a great place to meet locals and learn the local gossip and news. There is a ferry to Pt. McNeill and we met boaters in Pt. McNeill who take ferry to Sointula for the day.
I love walking up the long dock to shore and hearing roosters crowing and sheep baaaahh-ing. At the marina you can hope on pink bikes and head the 2 km to town and beyond. If you get off the ferry you can check out and use the green bikes. Yesterday Garry and I biked into town and discovered the Co-op is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but we really don’t need anything. The Upper Crust Bakery was open and we bought a couple pastries to fuel us for some more biking. It was so beautiful and peaceful. The bikes are one speed, pedal brakes and big wide handles. It was a blast. Many residents and businesses take older bikes and turn them into works of art, many with their baskets turned into flower pots. People wave as the drive past you. I stopped to ask a lady working in her garden about a particular plant and we the nicest visit. I saw her again today when we biked back to the bakery to get a couple more things.  

I took pictures yesterday but they are on my phone so will post those separately rather than try to move them to the iPad. If the wifi was strong enough they would sync over but it is a bit too slow.

Tomorrow we are heading to Port Hardy for a couple days. Our friends, Gord and Marilyn, have sold their beautiful home there and will be gone by the 28th so we want a last visit with them in Pt. Hardy. I know we will see them elsewhere but this is something we were hoping we could do. I called and was able to get reservations in the marina there which is not always possible and they wind predictions sound like it should be a nice couple hours up there tomorrow.


One thought on “Peaceful Friendly Sointula

  1. It sounds like a paradise, no worries! What a nice way to enjoy life in the summer.

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