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Update from Port McNeill

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Well, there is lots to catch up on. It is Saturday the 15th and we are in Port McNeill. This was not the itinerary we were planning on. Port McNeill was to come later, but I came down with a medical issue and needed a doctor and that was the closest place with a medical clinic. We got here Thursday and we’re fortunate to get moorage. The clinic worked me in late in the afternoon and now I am very good antibiotics and doing much better. The clinic was very small but very professional and friendly. Cost me $100 because we were from the States. We are staying until tomorrow just to make sure that I continue on the right track.

That brings me to expand on things like medical issues. It is important to know where there might be help and how to get there. In a real emergency you call the Canadian Coast Guard and they send a boat. There are always water taxis if you are in an area where you can get one. We knew on Monday that I might need a doctor so Port McNeill was in the back of our minds. The wind and water gods were in our favor in the Johnstone Straits so that it a much easier trip on Thursday.

So what went on during those days in between? When we left Denham Bay was cruised up(down?) Cordero Channel on our way to Loughborough Inlet. We passed the old Cordero Lodge. The placed had been severely vandalized last winter the the new owner passed away soon after that. We were pleased to see that most things had been stabilized. We didn’t see anyone there but it looked like it was not abandoned.

We spent two nights in Loughborough Inlet. We got some really nice prawns. They were not super plentiful because the commercial prawners had recently been there but the ones we got were huge. A couple nice meals, for sure.

After that we spent a night anchored in Forward Harbor. We tried for crab but got nothing but a couple females. Thursday morning Garry was getting ready to go pull the trap when he said, oh oh, we have a problem. He had loosely tied the boat line and went in to get the key to the motor and the dinghy came loose and drifted away. He was going to pull anchor and go after it but I hadn’t had enough coffee yet to be awake so I said I would swim and go get it. You might ask why Garry didn’t but he has that ear condition and if one drop of water got in his ear he would be the one needing a doctor. Anyway, in I go and boy, was that water cold!! But I made it…. with the key…. and managed to climb in from the back and rescue the dinghy!!

We continue to meet some really nice people along this trip. Sometimes we finally meet people on a boat that we have heard on the VHF radio for years. That happened here when we tied up next to Reel Action. Really nice people out of Vancouver. Sounds like we may keep running into them over the next several weeks.

So you are caught up for now.. more later.


One thought on “Update from Port McNeill

  1. Mar:

    Hope your feeling better and can enjoy the rest of the trip.

    There always seems to be something that needs our immediate attention . . . . medical, boating, mechanical, etc. etc. At least you always seem to resolve the challenges and opportunities that have come your way.

    Keep posting . . . . . . always enjoy reading them.

    I’m headed out for the opening of the King Salmon Fishery here in Area 9 today. Wish me luck!

    Tom Compton

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