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Denham Bay

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Thursday night was a really fun night over at the logging camp at Quatam River in Ramsay Arm. There were the 3 blasting/road guys- Gator (Kyle), Bob, Bill, water taxi Frank, and cook Anthony. We had a nice dinner of jerk chicken, salad and other good stuff. Lots of logging and blasting stories were swapped. It was an early night because they all get up at 4:30.  
Here is some advertising… Franks’s wife has a home business called Morning Mist Soaps. Check it out at Anthony has a business called Dirty Jerk for his jerk spices. I think he is in business with his brother. Check him out at

Friday morning we left Ramsay Arm and headed to Denham Bay. Our boat started vibrating badly about 30 minutes into the trip. We had no idea what was going on. We hadn’t hit anything. Garry put the engines in hard reverse a couple times and that helped some. We found an ok speed and decided to figure it out at Denham Bay.  

Peter has added additional dock space at Denham Bay and it looks really nice. Their grounds are so pretty and peaceful. They were expecting a few boats and some of those people were staying in the cabins. It was a really fun group of people. One of the boats has a name that would for us. Neverhome. Boy, that is the truth.

Peter and Sarah know pretty much everything going on around here and who everyone is so we are slowly getting it all straight in our minds. She needed to go to Big Bay to pick up groceries so I went along for the ride and she took me past some places that I had only seen from a distance. It is really a fascinating area. There is everything from squatters on islands to mega-millionaires vacation homes and resorts. On one hand you see older small aluminum boats and on the other hand yachts well over 100 feet frequently. Somehow it all seems to work. Sarah showed me a large John Deere colored barge behind Dent Island and told me it was their alternative power plant for Dent Island Resort. There is a large paddle wheel that spins with the strong currents and magically generates power. It is a much cleaner way to generate electricity than burning diesel fuel in a generator.  

Saturday Peter dove down with a mask and snorkel to try to see if he could see anything wrong with our right prop. He saw lots of what looked like prawn line all wrapped around it and it would need a diver to go down and cut it off. The water temp was only 50 degrees and just to cold to be in the water too long. A diver could get it done in no time. After a few phone calls Peter found that there were divers at the Dent Island power barge doing repairs and were willing to come over. It was really fascinating. They arrived all geared up. The diver had one of those deep sea outfits and a camera. We got to go I their dive boat and watch him on the monitor and listen as he talked to the guys in the boat. It took him about 2 minutes to cut all the line away and then he did a thorough check of everything else under our boat. It cost $400 Canadian but with the current exchange rate it was closer to $300 U.S. It was worth every penny and really interesting to watch. A huge thank you to the 4 guys from Fraser Burrard Diving Ltd!!

Also on Saturday night Sarah decided they would fire up there outdoor pizza oven. She used to be the pastry chef at Dent Island Lodge so she knows her pastries and dough. She made a bunch of individual pizza thin crusts then everyone staying here, cabins and boats, brought their own toppings. Peter baked them for us. It was really fun and really good. A shout out to my friend Robin Miller back in Des Moines. I texted her for a pizza sauce recipe and she sent me her mom’s recipe. I actually had all the ingredients-even the red wine it called for. The sauce was awesome and more than Garry and I needed so I shared it. Every itty bitty drop was gone.

Oh, I almost forgot this. Saturday afternoon a friend of Peter’s showed up in a little runabout for a chat. Turns out he is one the the two caretakers of that ferry for sale in Ramsay Arm. They rotate two weeks on, two off. A guy named Ron is there now and not a real people person. But Jim said if he is there in August when we got back come over and we can have a tour of the ferry. The heli-logging company shut down permanently and sold off all their stuff except the ferry. So far no one is too interested in it. 

We are going to leave here tomorrow morning. That will be Monday, the 10th, and keep working our way north. We will be out of cell or wifi range for a few days.  


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