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Westview update

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Our luck with weather, wind, waves and places to stay just continues to be perfect. We enjoyed Westview so much we spent 3 nights there. It was surprising to us how quiet things were considering the upcoming holiday and the fantastic weather. We took advantage of Safeway’s few delivery of groceries to our boat. We walked there via what locals call Cardiac Hill, shopped and made arrangements for delivery in early afternoon. We then walked to Canadian Tire and did a little shopping and walked back down Cardiac Hill. The walk is about 1.2 miles each way.
We fueled up Friday morning before we left. Diesel was $1 a litre plus 5% gst, but factoring in the exchange rate we figure it was about $3 a gallon. We were underway by 8:30 a.m. and in Desolation Sound by 10:45. Close to Refuge Cove there is a nice area to drag a hook for bottom fish so we fished awhile and caught a nice fish for dinner. Then miracle of miracles one of our favorite anchorages was empty. It is a tiny little bay that will hold about 2 boats. It hasn’t been open the last few years so we were jazzed. It is about 1.5 miles from Prideaux Haven Marine Park. When we carefully went in to anchor we found 3 different lines (ropes) from trees down the the shore that people had left for convenient tying of a stern line. We picked the best one for us and settled in nicely. I could hear a stream behind us and when Garry checked it out he found someone had made a little dam and sank a long 2″ hose that a nice volume of clear, clean water poured out of. We tested the water with our tester and it read perfectly safe to drink. 

Garry put out the prawn pots fora good overnight soak and the first pull Saturday morning was pretty good. Others pulls over the next couple days just marginal. But the long cod fishing was nice so ling cod chips, prawns and fries were dinner one night.

Cell phone coverage was only one bar but that was good enough to text with people. Just no phone. It was strong enough to check Facebook and emails, too.

We left our little bay Sunday, July 2nd, but first we took a dinghy ride over to Prideaux Haven, Melanie Cove and Laura Cove. There was a total of 31 boats in the 3 anchorages. In the busy part of summer that number will be way over 100 boats. Way over!

We cruised very slowly through Homfray Channel and because we were going so slow I spotted some new pictographs on a rock wall that I had never seen before. We were too far away for a good picture, though.  

As we passed Homfray Lodge we reminisced about staying there in the past. This year the dock is only for guests of the cabins and lodge and the prices have jumped. We didn’t see any activity, but the place looks great. Just past the Lodge a logging operation has started again after several years with no activity.

We paddled a little further to Atwood Bay. Again, we completely lucked out. There has been a small float in the bay that doesn’t say No Trespassing so when available we and others traveling along with us have tied up here. But it hasn’t been available for a few years. This year it is empty and not another boat in the whole bay. The float has many fun improvements since we were there last. They made the float a little larger, added a covered area with wooden benches. There is a pretty nifty fireplace, tons of cut wood, and ink e corner of the float there is a solar powered fish cleaning station. The solar charges a battery that runs a water pump to a hose. The power also operates a couple flood lights for those who clean fish a night. Back to the covered area – there is some overhead storage where this is a table, an umbrella, insect repellent, toilet paper, canvas chairs. All your creature comforts!  

We had been there about an hour when a black bear came out to meander the beach behind us. He left for a few hours but came back later for another stroll. A sailboat came and anchored in the bay and other than the bear and the sailboat it was just us.

We stayed two nights. We had semi-successful prawning and no luck fishing.

On our second day we took the dinghy down to Homfray Lodge. We stopped at the logging camp first and chatted with the watchman. All the loggers had the holiday off so it was just him and one other guy.  

The stop at Homfray Lodge was interesting for a couple. We got the scoop on the latest developments there but another boat came in while we were there. It was a guy who owns a couple cabins/buildings and a dock that we pass every year. He was testing his new super fancy 31′ rigid hulled boat that cruises at 60 mph comfortably. He is from the States and seemed like a really nice guy. He told us any time we wanted to stop there and walk around it would be fine.

So here is the scoop on Homfray Lodge. There was a caretaker who filled us in. The Macey brothers are leasing it to someone who is in the process of buying it. If all goes well it will close in few months or so. The buyer owns Pacific Coastal Cruises and he plans on bringing in one of the cruise ships twice a week and they stay a couple of days. As of the day we were there they had not had anyone stay in 16 days. A cook and housekeeper were supposed to arrive this week, but it was so strange to see no one there on the dock or as guests. The caretaker said there were lots of unhappy boaters who have stayed in the past but the current arrangement is you have to be a guest of the Lodge or rent a cabin to moor your boat there. And even then it is $2 a foot for moorage. The next few years will be an interesting transition to watch.


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  1. Glad you had a good trip. The Homfray Lodge is a sore spot among locals. They have totally jacked up the prices and you are not allowed to bring your own food, you have to eat theirs to the tune of $90/pp/day. They do have a cruising package that is 2 nights, that leaves the Beach Gardens and returns less than 48 hrs later for a cool $1500/pp (approx)…… its a wonder they havent had anyone there! The float in Attwood is owned by a local hockey team, the Regals. They do appreciate a donation when staying there to help with the upkeep of the float. Its a pretty sweet place to stay 🙂 Prawning isn’t so stellar in these parts even before the commercial guys went through in May.

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