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Ramsay Arm

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This trip is turning out to be a magical mystery tour as we keep meandering north. When we left Atwood Bay we took a short detour up Toba Inlet to see one of the gorgeous waterfalls. Since there is still quite a bit of snow the waterfalls are really something this year.

We passed Toba Wildernest marina and it had a few good sized boats moored. Toba Wildernest boasts wifi, good docks and a nice hike to a waterfall.  

We made the turn into Ramsay Arm. It is an arm of water approximately 7 miles long. We anchor way in the back and Garry had been rehearsing in his mind how we would set the anchor and get our stern line to shore and the old ramp we tie it to without any loud “conversation” between Captain and First Mate. We saw a small boat over at the old logging camp on the right shore but then to our amazement on the left shore (about half way down the arm) we saw what appeared to be an old ferry tied to shore. We found out later it had been the base camp for some heli-logging that had finished about a month ago. The old ferry is for sale, but does not run. I guess it is not too easy to tow, either! The generator is running, lights are on and the supposition is that there is a watchman on board.  

But I digress. We were pleased to see no other boats anchored and as we looked over to “our” spot we thought we saw a dock at the bottom of the old ramp. We didn’t see any no trespassing signs but clearly there had been recent activity of some kind. There was a Danger Blasting Area sign, equipment, and other signs of recent activity. Well, we decided to tie up to the dock. Of course… why not? But that always makes me nervous. Garry decided to go out fishing and after awhile I saw a boat heading our way fast. Gar said keep him posted in case he needed to come back. Gulp! A water taxi pulled in and I met Frank. He said they are blasting and putting roads in for future logging. It didn’t seem like it was a problem to be on the dock… so far… but then down the hill came a truck with a couple blasting guys. I wonder what their real title is. Anyway, all was super good and friendly and we were welcome to stay. Right now they work from 6:00 a.m. To 5:30 p.m. Frank takes them back and forth from the old logging camp that is on the right side of Ramsay. Frank and his wife used to spend a lot of time on their 42′ Ponderosa anchored here in Ramsay. And he used to log it back in the 1980’s. He and his wife had it written in their wills 2 years ago that this is where their ashes are to be spread. I guess Garry will have good company since he wants 1/3 of his ashes here too.

Over the last couple of days we have met some super nice guys. They work 2 weeks on, then one off. They are very willing to explain everything about what they are doing and telling us about other areas they have worked. This morning as they were unloading more explosives I asked if we could take the dinghy over to their camp and look around. “Sure.. take the truck. The keys are in it. Introduce yourselves to Anthony, our camp cook from Jamaica. He makes an awesome jerk chicken. Use our wifi.. the password will be there. Oh, why don’t you come for dinner tonight?”

So, we went fishing for awhile and then went and used the truck, met Anthony and he said he knew had been invited to dinner. So I did a quick check of emails, posted a couple pictures on Facebook and we headed back to our boat. We will head over there for dinner when Frank comes to pick them up at 5:30 tonight. 

 We just keep shaking our heads over our trip so far. We have had fabulous weather, great places to stay and have met really nice people. We are heading out in the morning (Friday, the 7th) and if there is a spot for us at Denham Bay go there. If no room we will probably stay on Bay Bay at the community dock. I did warn the blasting guys here that we will be back in mid August and to save our dock space.

Oh, on a seafood/critter update. We spotted one black bear here, caught some nice bottom fish, enough prawns to keep us happy, have steamers and oysters for tomorrow…life is good!


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