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A Man Possessed

I don’t know if Garry has been a man possessed or a man obsessed, but ever since we got home from Mexico he has been on a mission to find a different motorhome.  He had been hinting strongly that he wanted me to like a new style out that is life a class A, but part class C.  I didn’t take the bait, though.  I like the style we have.

He has his reasons for hunting for another rig and I won’t discount them.  While everything pretty much works on ours it is getting up there in years (it is a 2003) and in miles.  We have done 3 trips to Mexico in it plus a few other jaunts so it really adds up.  Top that off with a complaint that I didn’t have was that towing the car trailer with Stubby in it he no longer has enough power to pass vehicles when going up mountain passes.  To that I say, boo hoo, but I guess it was a fairly big deal to him.   Something about horsepower and torque.  Yada yada yada….

So, back to the quest.  He has spent numerous hours scouring Craigslist, Ebay, and numerous other websites searching for the right motorhome.  We love the layout we have but it is hard to find.

First he found one to look at in Hadlock, Wa.  He drove over one day and told me about it that night, so on an early Saturday morning we drove the 1 hour 45 minute pretty trip to Hadlock.  He was so enamored with some of the bells and whistles that he didn’t notice the dirt, smell, and other things.  I wouldn’t even do a test drive.  When I questioned the current owner (who had only put 2500 miles on it) he did state the previous owner or owners were bird hunters.   I have no problem with hunting or hunters but my guess is they weren’t the tidiest of people.  I don’t think the upkeep of the motorhome was their primary focus.

A week later or so we drove to the Tacoma area and looked at a nice one but it was larger than we wanted and it was pretty pricey for its age.

Then he found one down in Oregon.  I agreed to an early morning drive to Sandy Oregon.  We left at 5:15 a.m. and thanks to spring break and good weather made excellent time and were at the RV lot by 8:15 – a full 45 minutes before they opened.  I napped in the van while Garry snooped around.  He was quickly back and said we would be leaving soon.  He took me out and showed it to me.  Now, we knew it had not yet been detailed but the video they RV people sent us neglected to show the four different places that needed body work.  And it wasn’t just dirty, it was REALLY dirty.   We left and were home before noon.  It was a 350 miles trip but I slept most of it.  When Garry talked to the salesman later he told him that it looked like the homeless had been living in it and then had taken it for a run around a Nascar track or demolition derby.

So, imagine my joy when he found a motorhome in Colorado – just exactly what we want, almost.  In a very spur of the moment decision he had me book him a flight to Grand Junction, Colorado one afternoon with a return the next evening.  He fell in love with the motorhome.  He called me several times when no one was around him so he could tell me about it.  I had already run a Carfax so I knew it was well taken care of.  Soooo, he made an offer…. they countered…. he countered…. they split the difference and we are flying Sunday early evening to Grand Junction to pick it up.  They needed to put new batteries in it and do a couple things, but assuming all is as we except we will be driving it home next week.

So, the big reveal!  What is it??  Right?  It is a 35′ 2008 Gulfstream Endura.  Diesel engine, Kodiak chassis (I think).  Anyway, it looks more like a truck front than our current one that looks like a van front.  It is four feet longer than what we have now but most of that is the chassis.  It has two slide-outs and the slide-outs are deeper than what we have now so more space when we open things up.

Keep your fingers crossed for us… both for the purchase and for the trip home!