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Heading North

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If you could see us, you would see sad faces. We are back in the USA and that means we are heading toward home. It is raining and I hear freeway noise. Back to the real world. The only thing that helps a little is that it is raining in Puerto Penasco, too. Let me bring you up to date.

After leaving Puerto Lobos and heading to Puerto Penasco, we got an awakening of how much fuel we had burned running our our generator several hours a day for several days when we were dry camping. It looked like we didn’t have enough fuel to get to Puerto Penasco. We stopped in a tiny town at a little cafe. There were 4 young men at their truck having lunch and talking. Armed with iPad and iPhone I attempted to ask if there was any place closer for fuel. Lots of gesturing, some Spanish and thanks to google maps we learned we could take a road and drive for about 20 miles to a gas station. That was much better than the 90 miles to Puerto Penasco, so off we went. It was totally the wrong direction but we didn’t want to take a chance. Sure enough, we found the town, fueled up and got back on track.

Garry had decided we would stay in a condo for this part of our trip, but we still put the RV back at our normal RV park. We stayed in it the first night and the next day explored some places to decide where to stay. About a mile from the RV park is Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort. We had a great guy who toured us through room after room after room until we found the one we wanted. That took about an hour. I must say we got a little carried away. From dry camping in the motorhome we ended up with a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom gorgeous condo with incredible views of the town one direction and a view toward the Sandy Beach area where our motorhome was in the other direction. This place was amazing! It had 35 feet of sliding doors that opened out onto the huge balcony.


Living room of our condo

I was in heaven! Long long showers! A King size bed. TV. Laundry. Ice maker. Ahhhh!!!!!

We went out to eat a lot but I also cooked in the condo some. Isn’t it strange that cooking familiar food in a place like this is more fun than at home? And doing laundry was fun. I washed everything I could think of… some things more than once, just because I could!

Garry went for a ultralight ride one day and I took pictures and a video of him as he flew by our balcony. It was a tandem ride and cost $45. It is motorized and has wheels so you strap in and the pilot starts driving down the dirt road until he gets lift-off. Then he just lands back on the road again when the ride ends. Pretty easy.

We spent one entire day exploring parts of Puerto Penasco that we had not visited before. There is a neighborhood called Las Conchas and it is several blocks of newer homes right on the water or just a street or two away. A lot of Americans and Canadians have homes there. Some are available as rentals. We grabbed a bunch of for sale flyers….and the prices ranged from $250,000 to $575,000. Some were selling their share in a jointly owned home. It was a nice area but not convenient to stores. Then way out of town about 25 miles is the Mayan Palace. It is a time share place but you can rent rooms there like in a hotel. There is a nice golf course, beautiful grounds, but nothing else out there. If you don’t eat or drink there, it is way back to town. Just before the turn to the Mayan Palace I had seen a sign to the Sand Castle so I made Garry follow the signs because I was really curious what it was. Well, it was a 11 bedroom, 10 bath mansion on the beach… sleeps 35. It is only $1300 a night plus maid service so you break it down and it isn’t bad. It is often booked for family things….reunions, weddings, etc., but also for business retreats.

Another day Garry decided we would go golfing. There are 3 golf courses, but we drove out to Laguna Del Mar where there is a nice 9 hole course with the other 9 holes getting started. Stubby looked pretty funny with his top down and a golf bag sticking up out of the top. There were about 10 people total on the course so we could take our time and enjoy ourselves. That was a good thing because neither one of us had golfed in at least 5 years. We learned we could see better taking our glasses off. That way everything was the same blur instead of the bifocal effect. There is a lagoon all around the course so the “occasional” ball found its way there but amazingly I always found another one to play with. Nine holes was plenty since we hadn’t played in such a long time.

One day while I was relaxing at the condo, Garry went to town to look for who knows what. It was lunch time so he decided to try their Burger King. He met a lady having lunch and found out she was originally from Forks, Washington. She and her husband (Jim and Terri) were staying in a condo not far from us so we met them for drinks on our last night in town. They currently live in Las Vegas but when they go home are going to put their house in the market and are going to build or buy in Puerto Penasco. They are about our ages and it was fun swapping stories. They have done a lot of house exchange vacations which I have always thought would be interesting.

Before we left town to head north we made sure to stop and say goodbye to our friends at Wrecked at the Reef. Omar always greeted me with a hug and a kiss in the check and the same when we left. Bartender extrordinaire Emilio always gave a hug when he could….

So, with heavy hearts we left. We did get boarded at US Customs for the first time coming across the border. They were mostly concerned about certain foods not to bring in, even if in shrink wrap, so my uncooked chicken, bacon, 2 eggs and 2 potatoes went bye bye. Since they seem to be stricter we will be more careful next year. He suggested either cooking things nor giving to the poor. Strangely, we can bring beef home, but not chicken or pork.

Of the two border patrol stops between the border and highway I-10, only one was manned. Two quick questions and we were sent on our way.

We are currently in Quartzsite, Arizona. I had been watching the weather reports and everything all around was to be nasty today -lots of rain and wind- so we got here yesterday. It got so windy yesterday evening and night that the sand/dust hurt when it hit you. The rain started at 4:00 this morning. It has been off and on rain so far, but not much wind.

I don’t remember if I wrote about our Dish satellite receiver quitting on us. Well, I found a dealer here and for $15 and a couple hours it is working just fine and they explained everything that had gone wrong with it. They taught me all sorts of things about it so it was well worth the $15!!

So, now you are current. Stay dry and warm wherever you are!


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