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Puerto Lobos

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We had an uneventful drive from the rodeo to Puerto Lobos other than the cafe in Libertad was closed for a national holiday .. Constitution Day.. so we found a nice pullout on the new highway and I cooked breakfast.img_2722  This was Super Bowl Sunday.  We pretty much figured we would be listening to the game on XM radio but we met Rocky and Pat from Arizona.  They were staying in a friend’s guest cabana but were going to watch the game at Don and Cynthia’s down the road and we were invited.  Why not!  Don and Cynthia built a nice home right on the Bay and have lived there full time for 5 years.  Electricity had arrived in Puerto Lobos about 6 years ago so building something was more appealing after that.

It was a treat watching the game on a big screen.  There was a ton of food and we had a great time.  We were able ask lots of questions about where they shop, etc.  For the most part they go to Sam’s’ Club in Puerto Penasco to stock up on things.  That is about a 2 .5 hour drive.  Other times they will go all the way to Ajo, Arizona for things that you can’t get in Mexico.  For mail, you get a P.O. Box in Lukeville Arizona which is the American border town when you drive to Ajo.  Then on one your trips to Ajo, you pick up your mail….and probably all your friend’s mail, too!

Garry really wanted to go fishing so he hired Arturo of Arturo’s Dive and Fish to take him out.  He invited Rocky along and they were out from 8:30 in the morning until almost 4:00 in the afternoon.  They had a blast and caught tons of fish… all kinds..  A fishing trip next year is definitely on the agenda.  It was the best fishing of the trip so far.

We were dry camping so no power, water or septic.  We managed four very careful days of conserving, plus I learned how to use the purified water vending machine for drinking and cooking, but when the holding tanks were full we decided to move on to Puerto Penasco.


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  1. Buffalo wings at the Super bowl party??? Leftovers on the wall!

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