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Meet Some Friends

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Here are are some of the people we have met along the way.


Ray – the neighbor next to us in Kino Bay. Ray is in his mid 80’s and is from Canada and has been here for several years. He told me his passport expired and it is hard to renew from there so probably won’t be going back. He is a great musician and has a band that plays every other Friday at a local restaurant/bar…. mostly country music from the ’80’s and ’90’s plus some rock n roll.


Jackie and Ray

Ray and Jackie – nice people from Montana. They have been coming down here for almost 30 years every winter. Ray took Garry fishing. Jackie filled me in on many of the residents here in the park. Good gossip. They were the ones who told us about the rodeo. Can’t wait to see what adventures we might have with them next year.


Donald and his dog, Cookie

Donald – he is from Detroit but lives here full time. He gave me a tour of his home. It is part 5th wheel and part cabana. He has traveled all over the world. I saw pictures of him years ago when he rode a horse all over Ireland. He met and married a lady there… but after several years She missed Ireland so headed home.


Sid’s place

Sid – no picture of him, just his home. He is originally from England but was recruited by Fluke Engineering in Everett, then later moved to Portland. He has been wintering here 10 years. His wife died about 4 years ago. He ended up selling his RV and now drives down and stays in this place that is here permanently. He told me a funny story about when he came to Everett. Fluke was paying his moving expenses but they wouldn’t pay to ship his sailboat. Clever man that he was, he bought a kit to build a sailboat. They never questioned what was in the box, so he got his sailboat after all! It is in Kino Bay with him.


Marta in her office

Marta – we didn’t meet Marta last year. She was on maternity leave. She runs the office and speaks pretty good English which is a big help. She is a very kind, helpful person. Whenever there was an issue in the park she would walk to everyone to fill them in. We had 2 power outages to deal with while a transformer was being replaced and she made sure we all knew. She also helped me figure out postage for some postcards…and warned me they will take a long time to get to the people back in the states.



Lisbett – what a sweet girl. When I took my Spanish/English class we sat on a couch next to each other and basically laughed all the time and wrote cheat notes to each other. We got “shushed” a few times. Whenever she saw me she gave me a huge hug. She was thrilled to be learning some English. The picture is her with a son, and her son’s friend. Lisbett cleans the cabanas and does laundry for them.


Arturo Sr. and Arturo Jr cleaning Garry’s fish

Arturo Jr. – What an interesting young man. He lives in Puerto Lobos now and does fishing and diving trips. He was Garrys fishing guide. He is from Puerto Lobos but when he was done with 6th grade his dad moved them to the much larger town of Caborca about 2 hours away for a better education. He has finished college, is engaged to a girl named Bianca, who is in college now. They are getting married March 2018. His dad, Arturo Sr, is who found us the place to park the RV in Puerto Lobos. Sr. runs the boat launch in the area and is the unofficial harbormaster.


Garry and Malena

Malena – Malena owns and runs the Green Cup Cafe in Puerto Libertad. Great food! We went back on a Sunday because she said she makes a great omelette but the Cafe was closed for a national holiday. There is always next year.


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  1. Those were great pictures and stories!

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