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Rodeo Drive

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There is no possible way I can describe the rodeo day we had on Saturday. It was a fun experience we won’t forgot. Thanks to Ray and Jackie for guiding us and two other cars from Kino Bay to the remote village where the event took place… It was a 30 mile drive on paved road then 7 miles in dirt road and all of a sudden we are in a big dirt parking lot/ballfield looking at the grandstands.

In the scale of size the arena is not huge and the grandstands hold altogether about 3000 people. People also sit on the railings of the arena or the more agile guys stand on the inside. Around the outside of the arena are some games, lots of food vendors, beer sales, a few souvenir places. These are all very small if you compared to something like a fair at home.

The rodeo is a 3 day event ending on Monday. It is the biggest event in the area with people coming from all over. All the young people (like in their 20’s) really dress for the occasion. Everyone in jeans but trendy shirts and tops, popular sunglasses, girls wearing great jewelry. Most in cowboy hats, all wearing boots. Everyone had cell phones taking pictures, selfies, group shots.

It cost a little to get in and there was security there. You can’t take any alcohol in because you buy it there. The big seller is Tecate beer. There was a drink stand that advertised margaritas, pina coladas, tequila sunrises, vodka drinks, and so on. The only problem was that they were only selling Bloody Marys.

When we got in and got in the top of the grandstands it was so hot! We were dying. It was probably high 80’s, no shade, and no wind. Garry just can’t handle the heat so we went back to the motorhome and cooled off for a little bit. I put on jeans on instead of shorts. This probably sounds wrong but it kept me from burning my legs. If you were in the top row you could have an umbrella for shade so Jackie and I did that. Garry brought in a folding chair and sat below in the shade of Bloody Mary vendor’s stand. He made lots of friends down there.

So let me explain the rodeo. It is more a dance than a rodeo. All the hip cool young ones were dancing in the arena when we got there. The band ( which was loud and darn good) played almost non-stop until 6:00. The rodeo itself is bull riding only. They would get a bull ready, then shoo the dancers off, do the very short bull ride, then the dancers are all back. There would be 10 minutes of dancing for every few seconds of bull riding. If you could ride the bull successfully you won a 6 pack of beer. As the day went on and more beer was consumed the young agile non-rider guys would taunt the bull trying to get it to go after them. They usually weren’t successful, but not for lack of trying. The funniest ride of the day was the bull that would buck and then just stand there. The rider really wanted his beer so he did everything he could to make it kick and buck. The bull finally just laid down and the guy stood on the bull’s side and did a Rocky pose. They gave him his beer. The bull was not hurt, just very bored. He was big, the rider not, so all was good.

Speaking of beer, when you finished one you just threw the can on the ground. Kids were there immediately to swoop them up into big bags for recycling money. Those kids are going to be rich. I could of believe how much beer was consumed!!! And this was only day one!!

One of the games you could play was to throw and try to break a coke bottle. There were 3 bottles each hanging from a rope about 2 feet apart. You used chunks of broken up concrete to try to break them. The vendor was quite the entrepreneur. He was right next to the bathrooms so he sold toilet paper too!

As the day went on the dancing got more and more people out there. You had to climb up the arena fence, then down the other side, then back up and out at bull riding time. You know who absolutely had to do it, right? Yep, Garry. He couldn’t stand it so got out there, danced around, made more friends and got out again. He said it was hard to dance in the soft dirt. I wonder what else the bulls might have left in the soft dirt.

The rodeo officially ended at 6:00. Then the real dancing started with other bands. We listened and watched from just outside in our motorhome, along with a few others from Kino Bay. Then from 9:00 to 2:00 in the morning the dance moved a few blocks away to another place in the village. We passed on going.

We were planning to dry camp for the night so Garry found a policeman to ask if it was safe. Which reminds me, there was a lot of police here keeping an eye on things. Anyway, the guy he asked turned out to be the Chief of Police of Kino Bay assisting at the event. He said it was 110% safe and if we needed anything, just let him know. Everyone else from our group from Kino Bay headed back and were in the big dirt parking area all alone.

The night was fairly uneventful. An occasional car drove by and we could hear the music from the dance place…. well, I could….Garry justmook his hearing aids out. But the loudest music was done by about 11:30. At 1:30 something disturbed the bulls and they made some noise. Then at 5:00 in the morning a car decided to park 10 feet away from us, roll down windows and blast music. It shook the whole motorhome. We would turn it down to make a phone call, then more music. This went on for 45 minutes and then he left. I was awake so started the generator, made coffee and started writing this before I forgot most of it.

Before we left on Sunday morning we drove the couple blocks into the little town and saw the town center where the dance had been. There was even a very small carnival there. The we hit the road for Puerto Lobos. That will be in the next post.


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