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Road Trip/Leaving Kino Bay

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There is nothing like a long road trip in Stubby! On Wednesday after Garry was done helping with the baking we hopped in Stubby and drove 150 miles north, up the coast, to research a tiny fishing town called Puerto Lobos. We passed it last year on our way home and again on our way down and it just looked fascinating. When I googled it the most recent information was several years old. At that time there was no power to the town and now water. But the beach, the view, the fishing and the peace was highly praised. Since the new road has been in for a few years we didn’t know what to expect but our hope was that we could find a play to dry camp on our way back to Puerto Penasco. We didn’t want to try driving the motorhome and the trailer out to the point and find out it was a mistake, hence the road trip.

It took 2.5 hours to go the 110 miles to Puerto Libertad. It is a small town but has a lot going on…. one of the largest power plants in Mexico and a large old heavy oil burning power station. It is a proposed location for a biofuel project.
It was lunch time but all blogs, chat rooms, etc., said no real restaurants in town. Again, it was not current information because we found a great little place called The Green Cup Cafe. The wonderful owner Malena said they had been there four years. It was a shock to see a menu with paninis, lasagna, smoothies, mochas, pizza and yummy desserts. It is so different from anything else we have seen on our trip so far. The place was clean and the food amazing. All the breads are made right there. Most in Libertad speak little or no english but Malena has what she called a love of language and grammar and speaks slowly and clearly with a beautiful accent. She grilled us on a few proper ways to ask things of a customer. It was a great find and we will definitely go back next year.

We found the dirt road turn-off to Puerto Lobos and after 3 miles of dusty washboard driving made it to the village. There is electricity there to some places now and a water delivery truck was leaving as we were driving in. They also have a coin operated pure water dispensing station. It costs 2 pesos for a gallon… about 50 cents. It is cheaper in volume.

Garry found a guy who spoke some English who put him on the phone with his son who spoke great English. They found us a safe free place right on their bay to dry camp for a few days. While there a couple from Arizona drove past us, then after they parked came and talked. They are staying right by where we will be. They are in a friend’s guest house for three months. If we are there on Sunday, he will have a beer waiting for us and we can watch the Super Bowl with them.

Our plan is to leave here tomorrow. We are going to follow Ray and Jackie out into the desert with the motorhome and trailer to see a local rodeo. Or at least that is the plan. They have been to it a few times and it is always the first weekend of February but they are not sure if it really will be there this weekend. We hope to dry camp there then head to Puerto Lobos Sunday late morning. If no rodeo will head there Saturday. This could really be an adventure! Both Ray and Philippe say we shouldn’t have a problem getting the motorhome and trailer there.. it will just be dusty and bumpy the last 7 miles. So, fingers crossed!!

Hopefully when we are back in Puerto Penasco I can upload pictures. Then I will post with explanatory captions.


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