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I forgot three stories, so here they are in order.

1. We were coming home from our road trip to Puerto Lobos and we had just passed through Libertad when the local policeman pulled us over. Well, Garry could see he was going to so he just stopped. I got everything ready and we assumed a small bribe would be needed. The officer spoke no English but with my extremely limited Spanish and lots of gesturing and nodding, he was warning us to go slower because we were a small car and something ahead was big and it could be bad. I had remembered several beware of animal signs and also a truck entering and leaving road sign, so we proceeded a bit slower and soon ran across several very large cattle along the road. Turns out many a car has met the cattle at high rates of speed and it is usually disastrous to both. So no shakedown, just a courteous warning.

2. We went to Hermosillo yesterday to get a few things from Costco. Boy, Stubby can hold a lot if you work at it. Anyway, neighbor Ray from Canada asked us to get him some Campbell’s Tomato Soup. He said it would be a 12 pack. Well, we looked and looked and looked. There was a regional manager there walking around with the local manager and they said they don’t carry it. They were super nice when Garry asked if they could have some here by the next day. Then when I was checking out and garry was on the other side of the checkout area they came to him with two double packs of gourmet soups that we have at home at Costco. Ivan’s clam Chowder and Tomato Bisque Soup. They said pick one… it was free… and maybe we would like it. Well, we picked to tomato soup for Ray, then went next door to the Mega grocery store for a few smaller items. Lo and behold they had Campbell’s soup so we got that for Ray and kept the good stuff!!!

3. Garry went to try to get a haircut today. First he went to the hardware store for a hose part. He gestured around his head and the guy tried to sell him some hair clippers. No no! More gesturing. AH, the barber was next to the billiard hall a couple doors away. It was really busy. The barber was a little person… he was barely taller than Garry when he was in the chair. The haircut was $2.50. Not a bad job. I will do a little fine tuning on the back of the neck for him but he looks a lot better!

Ok, I think that is all for now.


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