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Miguel Aleman ? Or is it Calle Doce?

Since last year I have been confused about something down here. Well, actually, many things. But the one I finally got Jose Luis to explain to me. There is one small town between Hermosillo and Kino Bay. It has 2 stoplights, 2 banks, 2 and soon a third gas (Pemex) station, etc. It is not a tourist town but a good place for things you can’t get or do in Kino Bay. An example is banking. There is no bank in Kino Bay…just one ATM in a tiny building next to the Red Cross building.
Back to my confusion. I never knew what the name of the town was. I would overhear conversations about people going somewhere but I could never figure out what they were saying and hated to ask! Well, several days ago Jose Luis had to go to this town to do some banking so he took us along. I took the opportunity to quiz him on many things.
The town’s formal name is Miguel Aleman, named after a former President of Mexico. But no one calls it that. It is called Calle Doce (call yay doe say) which means road 12. Road 12 intersects with the Hermosillo – Kino Bay road, hence the nickname. There is even a department store which is the Calle Doce branch of the store.
On the half hour drive to Calle Doce I asked Jose Luis about the crops we see on the drive. The trees that are bare right now are walnut trees. Way off in this distance you can see orange groves. There are nurseries where they have starts of peppers growing. There is a field that has leftover melons laying out in the sun. Kinda like when see the leftover pumpkins in the fall.


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