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Garry was so interested in Philippe’s baking he asked if he could watch and learn him this week. Philippe probably didn’t know what he was getting himself into! He had so many orders this week that he was going to bake Tuesday and Wednesday. For those of you who know Garry’s cooking style, it is pretty ‘by the seat of the pants’ when it comes to measuring, etc. He was surprised how important exact measurements were and the temperature of the dough and butter. Philippe is very skilled and was great about explaining everything to Garry as he went along. While things rested, rose, whatever, Garry would come back to the motorhome and make sure I knew exactly when he had to be back for the next step.

On Wednesday Garry was at Philippe’s at 4:30 a.m. to learn the baking part. He was even allowed to do the egg wash and take some out of the oven. When he progressed to mixing he made an error with the yeast so Philippe was hoping it would still turn out. (It did, but took longer to raise). Garry was worried he would be fired but Philippe just docked his wages. Since he wasn’t getting paid anyway, that worked out fine. This week we got more raisin rolls, a French bread baguette, and a loaf of wheat bread. Most of it is in the freezer for next week.

Garry can’t wait until next year to help even more. Look out, Philippe!!!


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