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We have had four days of non-stop wind but with the days getting warmer. This morning (the 29th) we woke up to calm seas and an expected 86 degrees today. Time to put the awning back out, for sure! Because of the winds, though, we had to cancel our adventure with Jose Luis and Juanita.

For a sleepy fishing village and a small rv park there sure seems plenty to keep us busy. We continue to meet more of our neighbors. The bulk of the people are here for several months. Some keep their rv here year round and drive here off and on. A few live hear year round. The cost to stay annually is about $250 a month, so for many it is cheaper to pay annually even if they are not here all year. We paid for our first week by the week which is cheaper than the daily rate. Since we are going to stay more than 14 days they are going to give us our 2nd week at the monthly rate so that is saving some.

On Thursday Garry and I drove around and found the estuary south of town. They farm oysters there and there are a couple small restaurants. There is also a large whiten house/building at the very very VERY end of the road. It looked really out of place for the area. We found out later is is rented out for retreats and events. Still seemed pretty out of place but a great location.

On the way back toward town we spotted the restaurant we we ate lobster at last year so we tried to find a back road to it. The next thing you know we are driving through some kind of massive construction project. They nicely waved us through. Stubby caught their eyes , I guess. I tried to interpret their sign and it said something about a park and to be done in March. Well, it for sure won’t be this March. It is mostly dirt being cleared now. We asked about it later and found out it will be a tourist water park. This doesn’t make sense to us or any of the locals we talk to. This is not a big tourist area at all. There are very few young people here who would use the park. Most are saying the money could have been spent on electricity and plumbing for the homes in the barrio that have neither and for road upgrades…. you know, things like pavement? But they say that it is typical of decisions made to benefit the. People who have thee construction businesses, etc., get the business.

Friday night we went with Jose Luis and Juanita back to that restaurant for dinner and to listen to our neighbor Ray and his band play. It is a six person band and they were pretty darn good, playing mostly country music and a little rock and roll. They play from 6:30 to 9:00. The place was packed with gringos and locals. It was pretty funny because happy hour is from 6:30 to 8:30 and it is half price drinks. One gringo was waiting until exactly 6:30 to order his first drink. When happy hour ended at 8:30 the place started emptying quickly. We stayed until about 9:30. I will post pictures at some point when I can upload them. There were lots of people from Islandia there having a good time. Ray and Jackie from Montana (not Colorado like I said before) sat with us. It was a great night.

Saturday started out a bit slower thanks to Friday night. Garry slept in and was wondering (aka whining) about being hungry and luckily for him Philippe knocked on the RV and delivered fresh baked croissants and a chocolate filled pastry, still warm from his oven. Our day was off to a great start!! It was a pretty lazy day as we got to know more of our neighbors.

Skipping over a few days, yesterday Ray from Kalispell took garry to where he fishes. They caught four bulls eye puffer fish. Gar says the are sooo ugly! I guess they have huge front teeth like a horse and when you have them out of the water the keep biting and he says it is really loud and creepy. Ray knows how to clean them because their liver is poisonous so you have to be very careful. He must have done a good job because we cooked fish and chips for him and Jackie and we all lived to tell about it.

Ok, more to tell, but I am losing tack of all the stories so will get back to this later.

P.S.  I think as I read back before I hit “post” it gets confusing what days I am writing about.  Sorry about that.  I start writing then wait a day or so and just assume you know my calendar….. as I pause and then start again.  Oh, well!


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