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Meet Philippe


Boy, this is where I hope I can upload pictures!  But, I don’t think that will happen.  Philippe is one of the winter residents here at Islandia.  He and his wife are French but live in Santa Fe, New Mexico now.  We met them last year but know much more now.  Philippe is an amazing baker.  He has built a kitchen area on his rv patio and twice a week bakes incredible breads and rolls.  He takes orders from all over Kino Bay by Tuesday and starts baking at 4:00 a.m. On Wednesday you can pick up your baked goods later in the morning or if you go to Wednesday bingo, you can get them there.  He then bakes again on Saturday and gives it all to the poor in Kino Bay.

img_3182I was  given a nice tour of his place this week.  He has a double Wolf oven that he bought used from a place here that was upgrading to new equipment.  He gets huge bags of flour from the states.  I asked how on earth he could get so much and basically anyone who is heading down here and knows him will call and ask if he needs flour.  If he says yes they buy it and bring it down.  He said Mexican flour is too sweet.  He prefers flour from colder areas such as northern U.S. states.

So, he gets his dough ready on Tuesdays based on his orders. When we did our order for his famous raisin rolls he already had a list of at least 40 orders before us of various things.  He does French bread, rye bread, baguettes, cinnamon rolls, raisin rolls.  The list goes on.  On Wednesdays everything is bagged and labeled and priced, laid out in his motorhome for you to come by, pay and pick up.  We bought 4 raisin rolls and a French baguette and it was 102 pesos, so about $5.  Next week we will order more because it is already gone!


2 thoughts on “Meet Philippe

  1. Does is wife help him with all this? What a guy! The two fellows here who baked have retired as it was just too much; they had built a separate building for the commercial baking they did and it wore them out. Are the raisin rolls like cinnamon rolls? It all sounds delicious and he is to be admired.


  2. Normally his wife does help, but she is having some health issues so is in Santa Fe staying with their daughter while she gets better. She should be here in a couple weeks. Philippe and his brother used to have a restaurant in Santa Fe.

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