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Lunch Break Over


Whew, back to the story.  Monday, equipped with better directions, we took Stubby into Hermisillo.  It turns out there are 3 Walmarts in  Hermosillo and the Costco wasn’t all that far off from the “B in the Box” instructions but what a difference the correct address was!!!  Right next to Costco was a large store called Mega so we decided to window shop both stores before shopping.  We had taken along a small cooler if we bought something that needed to be kept cool but had no ice so didn’t want to really shop until we had everything scoped out.

At Mega a man dropped $100 peso bill in front of Garry which is about $5.  Gar returned it and it turned out it was an American from New Mexico , Greg and his wife, Pat, who winter in Kino Bay in a home near Kino Nuevo which is the newer part of town.  We kept running into them as we went up and down the isles of the store.  They showed where the international isle was which had a few things I was hoping to find.  We chatted awhile about some things that you just can’t find here and the one thing I wished I had was Lipton Onion Soup mix.  Well, Greg’s mom is flying in from Chicago this week so he is going to have her pick some up for me and we will meet up later so I can get it from them. How cool is that!!!

Costco was next door to Mega, so we wandered the isles there next and kept running into our new friends!  The layout of the Costco is identical to the Wilsonville, Oregon store that we were in in November.  Most of the products are the same as home with prices in pesos.  We were able get some Kirkland brand potato chips and prosecco.  They also had Florida’s Natural grapefruit juice!  Woo hoo!  It is in a large gallon container but I was determined I could make it fit in our fridge.  It cost about $5.60.  I pay around $4.49 a half gallon at home. Finding these two stores changes a lot of my shopping planning for next winter, that’s for sure.

We have enjoyed spending time with friends from last year, especially Jose Luis and Juanita.  They are heading to California in a few days to celebrate a granddaughter’s 1st birthday.  We also have talked a lot with Paula (PJ) and Dan from Oregon.  They have been coming here for over 30 years.  Last year we knew PJ was recovering from a stroke.  It really affected her speech, but we were happy to see huge improvements.  She is happy that she is now able to read some and even some if out loud.  She had really missed that.  She and Dan are huge advocates of having a positive attitude and never giving up and it sure is paying off for her.  We also have reconnected with David, from Bisbee Arizona.  He spent a lot of time in Washington as a surveyor for the state and has brothers in Sequim.  Last year he had a pop-up van and cooked outside on a table.  This year he is in a cabana which is better.  We are parked next to Ray from Canada.  Last year he had pneumonia when we were here so saw very little of him.  He is in his mid 80’s and he and one or two others play music about once a week at a local restaurant.  We are going  on Friday to hear him play. I guess it is a big draw so we will make sure to get there early.  We have met Ray and Jackie from Colorado.  They have been coming for years also.  I would guess they are in there late 50s.

We were going to go to a little pizza place called Luigi’s for dinner tonight.  We heard they did Chinese food on Wednesdays   Unfortunately  I just found out that if you are not there by 3:00 or so it is all gone so we will maybe do that next Wednesday.



2 thoughts on “Lunch Break Over

  1. Wow , you guys sound like Jack Kerouac’s road trip. Keep on keeping on. Represent us as American’s in a positive light . Have fun, keep safe. Love you. S & Y

  2. I really like reading about your trip. You meet a lot of nice friends.

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