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Kino Bay


Wow, time really does zoom by!  It seems like I just posted but it has been at least a week.  We left San Carlos on Thursday, the 19th, because of bad weather predictions for Friday and Saturday and we didn’t really want to be traveling in heavy rain.  The place where we were staying is applying our extra days we had paid for toward our stay next year.  I did not expect that at all!

Garry wanted to go to Walmart in Hermosillo and I wanted to find the Costco so we navigated our way into the city.  We found the Walmart easily but Google Maps did not get us to Costco.  Now I know why my friend Yvonne calls the voice on Google Maps “The Bitch in the Box”!!!  She took us through an old neighborhood, some unmarked one-ways and lots of ruts in the narrow roads.  We gave up on Costco and I was able to finally get us out of town and on the road to Kino Bay.  I am not on speaking terms right now with the B in the Box!

The Islandia RV park is pretty darn full, but we had a space reserved.  Office manager, Marta, showed us two options.  We lucked out in that the spot we took is for smaller RVs like us, but there were two front and back available so we took both.  This way Stubby’s trailer can stay with us and not be put in storage somewhere.  Paying by the week, the two spots are costing us about $120 for 7 days.  Not bad at all.  We are in one of the same spaces we were in last year so see some familiar faces but also some new ones.

The bad weather predicted for Friday and Saturday arrived Friday afternoon, starting with heavy rain.  By night the winds had really picked up.  We tied our rv down to the vacant one next to us and we rocked and rolled all night.  Fortunately most of the bad weather hit earlier than predicted so by Saturday we had cool weather and clouds but no more rain and much less wind. Everyone here is saying it is the coldest winter they have ever had here.  It gets down to the mid 40’s at night and anywhere from 62 to 75 during the day, but mostly in the 60’s.  It is supposed to be 79 by Sunday.

I met a lady named Julie in Saturday.  She is a retired English teacher and is from PeEll Washington.  She had been camping in a tent (in that wind!!!)  with her two dogs but a cabana here at the park become open so she was moving into one.  She has started giving English classes to some of the workers here in exchange for Spanish lessons.. basically, a barter deal.  I went to the Saturday afternoon class at the office.  I learned some things but mostly had a great time laughing with everyone as we mangled each other’s language!  I will go some more if I am around at class time.  It is free for anyone who wants to show up.

There  are hummingbirds here and I thought it would be nice to have a feeder.  So it was put on my “next year” list,  but a trailer left and forgot their feeder so their neighbors took it down and gave it so me.  I cleaned it up, made some sugar water for it and now it hangs from our palm tree getting frequent visitors.

I have learned to not believe everything you read or hear.  Or at least, don’t take it literally.  Last year we were told there were no bars in Kino Bay and it didn’t appear there was a way to watch American football and enjoy beer or a margarita.  Not true!  Most restaurants here do not serve alcohol so you bring your own.  And there is o real sports bar, but walking distance from the rv park is a place called Marlins.  We went there Sunday for dinner.  The not only had a small bar but they had an ancient… and I mean really ancient… old big screen tv and the employees/family was watching an old movie.  We were the only customers and the owner, Sammy, seated us and gave us menus then went to the tv and changed it to the NFL play-off game.  We never said a word.  He just saw Americans and made a good assumption.  Sammy makes a great margarita, good pork chops and really nice prawns in a Mexican sauce.  I also enjoyed a nice green salad with my dinner.  We also learned that on Fridays it is a popular place because of his specials.

I have much more to write but will stop here for now.  Time to fix lunch.


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  1. did not know if you heard about Ron Senior.. passed last week

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