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San Carlos Odds and Ends

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We are probably leaving San Carlos on Thursday for Bahia de Kino (Kino Bay) so I thought I would do a post while I have time and really good wifi.

One of the first things we noticed when we checked into our room last week was that the beach looked a little different.  Well, on September 12, 2016, Hurricane Newton hit Guaymas and San Carlos.  It was a category 1 hurricane but did a fair mount of damage to homes, boats, and beaches.  Much of the beach in front of our condo disappeared so new beach was brought in.  We have no idea where it came from but it is not as sandy yet.  This resort had mostly broken glass in some of the units.img_2534

San Carlos is not a fancy resort town like some Mexican towns are.  This condo building is one of the first in town and shows its age some.  The newer condos further out of town are fancier but we like being so close to town.  That being said, there are a few things you deal with when you are in an older building. Water pressure is one of those things.   Actually, plumbing in general can be a challenge.  These condo units all have on demand hot water systems.  The unit we are in now has 2 systems.  The one for our bathroom works well, but the other one that is for the kitchen, laundry and other two bathrooms doesn’t always work.  That made washing dishes a challenge for 2 days when  it just wouldn’t heat the water.  I ended up heating pots of water on the stove and also getting some hot water from the bathroom that works.

We pay for things either by credit card or with pesos.  The only way to get pesos here is at an ATM because banks won’t exchange U.S. dollars, fearing counterfeits.  Also, we are regularly asked for I.D. when using credit cards because of stolen cards.  At one place we kinda yanked their chain by saying we had found the I.D., too.  Haha..

img_3141More Direct TV info…. so since it is not Mexican satellite there are times of the day when the signal is weak as those satellites make their way around the earth.  That is usually in the morning when we are watching news or at night during prime time.  That is when we lose the local (Tucson)  channels.  We can still a variety of shows but most not worth watching.  The other thing that is a problem with satellite TV is bad weather.  That is why I prefer cable…. and of course for the Seahawks game we had a huge rain storm so lost signal right at kick-off.  If was spotty but between texting with Robin M at home and the occasional picture or sound we made it to half-time.  ATM that pint we headed to Hammerheads Bar at the marina.  It was packed but 4 nice and super cute Mexican guys in their mid-twenties invited us to sit with them.  They had come to town from Obregon for some fun over the weekend.  Three were huge Seahawk fans.  The 4th guy just was enjoying everything. Obregon is a nice town about an hour past Guaymas.  Two of the guys were college graduates, and the others in college. Three were majoring in agriculture and one has an engineering degree.   There is a lot of agriculture down here.  Anyway, we had a great time with them and learned so much.   Meeting them helped make up for the Seahawk loss.img_2536


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