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Guaymas, Direct TV, Pearls and Apps

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How is all that for a bunch of topics!!!  Yesterday we hopped in Stubby to head to Guaymas and other areas.  Last year I had read about a pearl farm but we could never find it.  It was on my “must find” list this year.  Persistence paid off.  As it turns out we were only 3 blocks or so away from it last year when we gave up!  Go figure!

The Sea of Cortez is home to 2 types of oysters only found there and they happen to produce the most gorgeous pearls.  Natural pearls became almost distinct in the 1800’s due to their rarity.  Pearl farming began, ended and began again.  The farm produces a limited number of pearls each year making these pearls still among the rarest.  Read more on these beauties at  We enjoyed our stop there and I acquired a gorgeous Mabe pearl pendant.

After visiting the pearl farm we drove around Guaymas.  We visited the port where Stubby got his picture taken.  We also found the ferry terminal for the ferry crossing across the Baja to La Paz.  We are considering doing that next year.

img_3126We were getting hungry so got super creative.  We found a small shopping mall and hit the food court.  It is all part of the experience, right?  So why not have Chinese food!  It was really good.  After lunch we went to Super Ley, which is a major grocery store chain.  This particular store was huge!


It was super clean and organized but no tonic water and now Parmesan cheese.  So off we go to Walmart.  It was also large but Suoer Ley was nicer.  However, Walmart had tonic and Parmesan so it was a successful stop.  It was tie to hit an ATM for more pesos and that is when I discovered my VISA card missing.  A quick call to the Pearl farm and it was located and we picked it up on our way home.  Whew!  Close call!!!

Here is our direct TV update.  We were able to get someone to get the closed captioning off the screen and get the menu in English, but the remote was and is still a problem but we changed rooms today so that is no longer our problem.

I need to tell you about the most awesome Google App!  Christina, who works in the office here, saw  I was trying to learn more Spanish.  She downloaded the Translate app on my iPhone and iPad and it is so amazing.  All you techies out there are laughing at me, I am sure, but it is like a miracle.  There is a camera function and you just point at the words and it translates it.  Magazines!  Medicine! Menus! It is soooo cool! I am hooked!

Garry went fishing this morning for  a few hours  they had no luck trolling but did ok bottom fishing.  He had a great time.

img_0225We also moved into our new room today since the old one is booked by someone else starting today.  We moved up one floor, and this unit, as I explained in an earlier post, is larger.  It also has nicer decor.  We will stay in this unit til we leave San Carlos.





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  1. Guaymas is where Grandmother and Earl spent lots of their time when they were in Mexico. Dad always enjoyed the cheap beer.

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