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Exploring San Carlos

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All the way to San Carlos and once we got there, the whole plan on where to stay and for how long revolved around football.  Sad, but true if you are not a sports fan.  Totally understandable if you are a Seahawks fan.

The first thing we found out when we got our room at La Posada was that it was only available until Friday and the only other room options there were small rooms with limited views.  That meant it was time to explore other options on where to move to so we could watch the game in comfort and a nice view.  Road trip in Stubby!  We decided to head out of town to the north where the newer condos are, but on the way swung by  one of the marinas.  We visited the San Carlos Yacht Club to see what was happening and they were starting a seminar on the use of your VHF radio on your boat so we sat down for about a half hour and joined the group.  We didn’t learn a lot of new stuff but did learn more about how rescue operations work between the Mexican Navy and the U.S. coast Guard.

After our little seminar stop we headed out and toured some condos that you can rent and a hotel.  This is the off season so room rates are about 40% lower than the high season.  We found a great place at Playa Blanca, a newer high rise condo.  We could do a gorgeous 2 bedroom 2 bath ocean front view for $153 a night.  The downside was no restaurants in walking distance like we have now.  We also toured a hotel where we negotiated a Presidential Suite down to $300 a night.  There were 5 restaurants at the hotel but we really didn’t like it that much.  We like to do things like this to learn, explore and say, what if???

I also started looking on VRBO for vacation rentals and saw a couple really cool houses to check out later.  But everything changed when Garry started chatting with the office where we are and they had an opening one floor down from us – a 2 bedroom, 3! Bath!, 2 balcony room available starting Friday for as long as we like for $150 a night so we took it and will move mid day on Friday.  We booked it until the 23rd but if the Seahawks lose on Saturday we might not stay that long.  The good thing is we are now covered and in the place we like.

Yesterday we did some more exploring in Stubby then Garry decided to change out the water pump in the motorhome.  He also helped jump start a truck, met a guy who is going to try to hook him up with a little fishing trip, and met the original owners/developers of this resort, Dean and Nancy.  Garry was a busy guy!

i have been remote control challenged here for tv.  One remote is for the tv off and on and volume,  then I have the Direct TV remote which won’t work.  That means having to use the “box” to use the guide, change channels, etc.  it is do-able but a pain.  The management gave me a new remote but still no good so Direct TV guy is coming soon to replace the box.  Of course it doesn’t help that a lot of the buttons I push on the tv remote turn things into Spanish so I have to guess what I am doing or get out my phone and look up the words.




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