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Hi From San Carlos

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Yay!  The Seahawks won!  So that decided the next leg of our trip.  We got all organized and left Puerto Penasco at 8:00 Sunday morning.  After fueling and making our way through town it was about 8:30 before we hit the road to San Carlos.  I estimated about a 7.5 to 8 hour trip depending on road conditions and stops.  That would have been pretty much right on except for a couple last minute route changes by me.  But it all ended well.  We took the new highway which is pretty good for the most part.  It is the same road we took on our way back last year but doing it in reverse was confusing.  Even though it is called the new highway it has been usable a few years but has no highway number signs and does not show up on google maps as a recommended route.  I had fortunately found a blog post with mileposts to help me know where  to make turns.  I had printed it off before we left home.  With the exception of where the friendly police check point would be, it was a big help.  The check point is pretty mobile… a pop-up tent and a car so it was about 20 miles further down the road than expected.

Much of the new highway has beautiful views, nice roads and some rest area/Viewpoints.  It was Sunday morning and we would go miles and miles and be the only car.  After passing the small port town of Libertad the roads deteriorated.  They have made some progress but there are many pot holes and route and youbdo your best to dodge them.  As we got close to the Hermisillo/Kino Bay highway I made my first error.  One of the side roads looked fabulous and so we decided to take it.  It was brand new asphalt… so nice and smooth… until halfway through it and the construction ended and we are now on a dirt road with huge ruts.  We could look longingly over at the new, not quite finished new road.  This boo-boo lasted a short while.

Once on the correct highway we made a fuel stop and headed toward Hermisillo.  Now came the next navigation error.  The thought process was smart, but not the result.  In an attempt to avoid driving through downtown Hermisillo I spotted a sign to Guaymas!  Eureka!  A car ahead of us took it, so I said “Let’s try it!!”  If I was right it could easily cut 1/2 hour off our trip.  It started out great.  Then not great.  Then too late to turn around. Then just awful.  By that, it was potholes everywhere.  If we followed a local and we saw them slow down we knew to get prepared!!!  Poor Stubby back in the trailer!  And the dust!!  Let’s not even go there!  So instead of saving 1/2 hour it added about 45 minutes of really bad road.   We just kept telling ourselves that now we knew, and that we had plenty of fuel and lots of daylight.

We got to San Carlos about 4:45.  Knowing we wanted to have a vacation from our vacation as we had done last year, we drove right to the La Posada Condominiums and got a nice room.  The top floor room we had last year was booked but we are currently 2 floors below in the same type of room,    After a little refreshment we walked to the palapa next door, had dinner and then an early night.


View from our balcony


One thought on “Hi From San Carlos

  1. Hi Mar:

    Wow, San Carlos looks awesome, particularly the view of the bay. A few questions for you . . . . Do they negotiate rates if you rent for the week/month? Do the Rental Unit numbers correspond to what floor you are on, ie. Guaimas Tower Unit #501 . . . . 5th floor ocean view? Is there more than one tower, ie., Guaimas Tower and Yaqui Tower?


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