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Ice, Ice Baby


One problem with a smaller motorhome is the small amount of freezer space and no place for an ice maker.  The last two years we would buy a bag of ice a day and put it in a small ice chest.  It wasn’t horribly expensive but $2 to $3 a day does add up.  Plus you  would not believe how many times we would pull into an RV park and we had forgotten to buy ice earlier.  Not all parks have ice.

This year we have this nifty little ice maker.  I buy bottled water by the 2.5 gallon and use it for coffee and ice.  This cute little thing works like a champ.  It makes just enough for us and if overworks I can fit a small baggie of cubes in the freezer.  I got the ice maker on sale ( thank you, Fisheries Supply) so I am not sure when we will be at the cost break even point but I don’t think it will be all that long.

What is really cool is the ice cubes have a hole through them…. just the size of a straw!!!



4 thoughts on “Ice, Ice Baby

  1. Yes, I am reading your posts. I need that ice maker! Mom

  2. Nice ice machine, when does the vodka making machine arrive?

  3. If only there was such a thing!!!

  4. Wow, an entire post about an ice-maker. That tells you where this thing ranks in the priority of life for you!

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