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Happy 2017!

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve.  We sure did!  I wasn’t sure if this year’s celebration would be as much fun as last year but I think was even more fun.  The only downside was the loss by the UW Huskies in their bowl game.

We had a fabulous New Years dinner at Mare Blu.  Our favorite waiter, Gilbert, had champagne on ice for us.  He and his son, Gilbert Jr., and now younger son, Jose (18) took great care of us.

After dinner we got in the line to get into the party at Wrecked At The Reef.  We were in line at 8:30 with the doors opening at 9:00.  I made new friends while Garry kept trying to find a way in early and grab a great spot to be in for the evenings festivities.  Of course he eventually got in so by the time I did our seats were reserved and he had a drink waiting for me.  We got to meet the owner of Wrecked, Randy, when he came by and really really wanted to know how Garry had pulled all this off!  Randy turned out to be a pretty nice guy and he pretended to not see Garry when he climbed on the bar table for his dancing exhibition.  But he was there to help him down and made a show of making it look like he was giving a stern talking to him.  Pretty funny.

It was a mix of partiers, age-wise and attire, but pretty good looking nicely dressed over all.  The band was fabulous.  We had 3 groups  in their mid 20s or so take their pictures with us.  When I asked why they said they wanted to be like us some day.  I guess being old and hopping around all night on the dance floor is worth selfies, Snapchat and all that stuff.  Randy said he wanted to be like Garry, too.

We have been back to Wrecked several times and all the waiters  remember us and hug us and call Garry ” The Man”.

New Year’s Day was a sleep late day.  After breakfast, Gar took a long nap til time to go to the bar to watch the Seahawks.  Then it was a pretty early night.

Life has settled into a nice routine.  We sleep a little later than normal, have a lazy morning , an early lunch, then get in Stubby and go exploring or do some shopping.  Sometimes we go together, sometimes not.  There is a Sam’s Club here so we have gone to it to just see what they have and what prices are.  The exchange is really good for us now.  20 pesos to the dollar.  And that makes it easy to figure.  Last year it was about 17.5 to 18 pesos a dollar so I needed my calculator a lot more often.  There are 3 large-ish grocery store and  I have visited all three.  Some are better for fresh produce, others for odd ball items.  I have learned that we should have brought more tonic for Garry’s vodka tonics because it is nowhere to be found.  I can occasionally find grapefruit juice for my drink of choice.  We also have toured a few of the condos near our RV park in case we ever want a break or if friends ever come down and join us.

Here in Puerto Penasco you can pay with dollars or pesos but when we leave here it is all pesos.  To get them you need to find an ATM that pays in pesos.  Most do, but I found one on the Malecon where most of the tourists go and it only pays in  dollars.

Last year we were fascinated by the locals who will come to your RV and do a complete new paint job right here in the parking lot.  It is amazing to watch them.  Garry decided that maybe it would be fun to have Stubby’s trailer painted with stripes that match our motorhome so that was done on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Assuming the wifi will take it I will upload some pictures to show you.  It turned out really good.

Driving Stubby around has been great.  He zips around and in and out of parking spots so easy.  He also gets lots of comments – maybe even more than last year when we had the Honda Trail 90 motorcycle.  I sure don’t miss that ride!

Today  I am doing some laundry at the RV park.  The washers work fine but 2 do the 3 dryers have issues.  One just eats money, one doesn’t tumble.  But last year there was no laundry here so this is an improvement.

The weather has been very cool for here but today is nice and much warmer.  Might hit 70 today and it is supposed to get warmer every day now for a week or so.  We will be leaving here on s.u day and either heading to Kino Bay or San Carlos.  It all depends on if the Seahawks win.  A win means San Carlos where we can get TV.  A loss means KIno Bay for awhile and then San Carlos after that.

Bye for now.  Stay warm, all of you up north!  Stay safe on the roads,all of you heading south!!


One thought on “Happy 2017!

  1. Mar & Gar:

    Awesome blog post!!! Laughed as I was reading it. Still makes me want to join you two next December/January if, you want company? We’d love to join you for some or all of the trip!!! Sounds like SO . .oooo much fun!!!

    I don’t know if I mentioned to you about the fact I’m trying to sell my 19′ Arima with everything included, fishing gear, downriggers etc. etc. etc. I’m asking somewhere between $28,500 and $30,000. I have about $85,000 in the boat with all receipts etc. You can eat off of the hull (no dings) as well as inside the boat. It has been well maintained with service and parts receipts too. Why am I telling you this . . . . . . {I think I mentioned it before, but at this stage of life I have half-timers . . . so, I won’t remember half of the stuff in life}. If you know of someone Yacht Club etc. who wants to tow an awesome fishing boat behind their yacht or trawler (Simon) please let them know.

    Tom Compton

    P.S. What should I have to pay for an 11′ Bullfrog with motor and accessories? As I recall that is your get around toad for your SonShip. I’m thinking of getting a smaller boat for crabbing and putzing around in.

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