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One Degree of Separation

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You all might be tired of all my weird “degree of separation” stories but I can’t help it if weird things keep happeneing to me.

We arrived successfully yesterday, December 29, in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  As usual we had to check out our favorite haunts.  Last night we were having some great fried oysters and drinks at the Wrecked At The Reef bar and I struck up a conversation with they guy next to me.  HIs name is Len and he is from Canada.  Where in Canada I ask. Oh, an island in the Gulf Islands named Gabriola.  Cool, I say.  We stay at the Silva Bay marina on Gabriola often.  He says, oh, I used to live by there but now I live by Dodd Narrows.  I bought the land and don’t know what I am going to build yet.  (You boaters will know exactly where this is). So I ask him if he knows Pierre and Tove Landry.  They lived until recently on Gabriola but with Pierre mostly living at their marina in the Broughton islands.  Well, of course Ken knows Pierre, but has never met Tove.  he did know they sold their place on Gabriola and now have a place in Nanaimo.

Whew.  There is a lot to follow there.  Anyway, I had reserved 4 tickets for the New Years bash hoping some friends would join us, but that had fallen through so Ken bought one of the tickets from me.  The wait list is so long he would not have been able to get one any other way.  This is his first trip to this area and probably not his last.

More updates later….except to say it is cooler here than normal but being from Seattle I was comfortable in shorts and sandals today as we drove around in Stubby with the top down.



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