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Well, I have a hard time posting from my iPad but that is all I can do from now on so I had better bite the bullet and do it.  Expect typos, auto-correct annoyances, and all that good stuff.  Sheesh, the things I do to keep you updated on our trip!

Day 1 started fine until 30 minutes in when we got a rock chip on the driver side. Ka-bang! Crack! Not spreading much, thank goodness.  Ten minutes later a car starts honking at us.  We had an outside hatch door not closed.  Thank you, Good Samaritan!

We left Des Moines at 1:00 pm and were in Salem, Oregon at 5:00.  What a great time to go through the Portland area!!!  Christmas Day!  Up super early on Monday.  We were on the road by 5:00.  In the A.M!!!!!  Again, a great day to travel.  The weather cooperated so the Siskiyous were great.  Most of the day was on I-5 until we crossed over south of Stockton to a great RV park close to I-99.

Oh, did I forget to mention my boo-boo?  I was going to spell Garry awhile driving.  NO biggie.  We stopped for fuel and I took over.  Oh, dear.  I need to use the mirrors better when pulling out of a gas station when pulling a trailer!!!  CRUNCH!!!!! SQUISH!  Poor Smart Car Stubby was wondering what hit him.  Well, it was a gas station concrete (red) post.  The post won the battle.  But because I am married to an awesome tolerant man, no bad words happened.  It took a bit of work to get it out of there… and Garry said it was  just one panel of sheet metal.  No biggie.  His words.img_3033

So day two was a 12 hour 605 mile day.  Day three started later.  We left our park at 7:00 and againfor the most part traffic was great.  We had more sun and no snow on Tehachapi pass.  We got to Barstow and headed to the the Blue Beacon truck car wash. For about $100 we got the motorhome and the dented trailer washed , RainXd, and dried.  Life is good.

So that brings us to date.  We are just out of Barstow, CA and until a minute ago we’re watching the WSU Cougars in their bowl game but had to change it.  Too hard to watch.

Tomorrow we will be in Arizona and in Puerto  Pensaco (Rocky Point) Mexico by Thursday and will be there for New Years and beyond.  After that, more Mexico, but our schedule depends on the Seahawks so we will just wait and see.

Happy New Year to you all!


One thought on “iPad post

  1. Mar:

    Thanks for the updates . . . . . . they are always quite entertaining!!!! As hard as we try to keep our toys whole, there is always something, somewhere (especially when we don’t expect it) to provide a ding . . . . the good news is it’s a small one, and, most important, the two of you are ok.

    Thanks for the email regarding the trailer . . . . sounds like I won’t be investigating that company.

    Don’t forget the Huskies vs. Alabama (Peach Bowl Game) on Saturday, December 31st at noon (Seattle Time) on ESPN, (I think).

    Love hearing from you guys and enjoy reading your blog. I’m trying to talk Kathryn into starting a blog on our adventures. Would you consider a tag along (Kathryn and I in our motor home) in January, 2018? We’d love to join you if that is something you and Garry would consider. I’d like some day to go to Quartsite for the annual 2 week RV show in the desert in late January. We have some blog friends who get together in their motor homes there.

    We are headed from home (in our motor home) to Desert Hot Springs (California – near Palm Springs) leaving on February 12, 2017 and arriving for two weeks at the Marriott Shadow Ridge (Enclaves Section) Resort from February 18th to March 4, 2017, for some fun in the sun and golf. Maybe, our paths will cross. So . . . . if you need a place to crash for a couple of days and want a LONG WARM shower in our condo, please contact or meet up with us . . . . you are always welcome!!!!

    We then are headed home stopping at some friends near Santa Barbara (Avocado and Lemon/Lime Ranch) (March 4th & 5th) then working our way home . . . . . estimated to arrive around March 13th or 14th or whenever we get there.


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