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Hitting The Road


Well, it has been an interesting several months – beginning with selling our condo and whole building in August and becoming renters.  We have moved back into the house we built in the early ’80s.  Dale and Christy own it now and they nicely kicked their renter out (Sorry, Ann) and we began an extensive remodel and update project.  We moved in just before Thanksgiving.  The majority of the work is done which is good because the focus switched to getting the motorhome ready so we can head south.

Our plan is to leave in the afternoon on Christmas Day and get down around Salem, Oregon.  That will give us a headstart on Monday.   We will be towing an enclosed trailer with Stubby (our Smart Car) in it.  No Honda Trail 90 or bicycle this year!   Fingers crossed on how it goes.  We have yet to hook the trailer to the motorhome and see if all the lights work and how it tows.  And we leave tomorrow??  OK, fingers and toes crossed!!img_2012

The latest travel news for us was a trip to Silverton, Oregon in November to pick up Stubby’s trailer from the manufacturer.  That trip got expensive because we stopped at a Costco in Wilsonville and saved a bunch of sales tax money buying a huge TV and other stuff for our new home.

We also flew to California in October to our good friend Brian Halvorsen’s wedding to Colleen!  A good time had by all, for sure!


Last week I traveled with Theresa to New Orleans.  She was attending the work conference on restoring America’s estuaries.  She participated in a poster display with her poster on Connecting With Waterfront Owners and also did a couple presentations.  I was able to go to the one she did on Working in the Nearshore: Policies, Planning and Practice.  I met some great people and of course we enjoyed New Orleans food, music, Bourbon Street and all sorts of good things.  Unfortunately the Seahawk game we watched wasn’t what we hoped for but the bar and food was good.   I had not been to New Orleans in over 15 years and Theresa had never been so it was a lot of fun.

Thanks for following my blog.  I will update when I can.  The basic plan is New Years in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, then depending on how the Seahawks do in the play-offs our other Mexico stops be determined.  We are not sure how long we will be gone.  As Garry keeps saying, we come home when the wind blows us that way.



4 thoughts on “Hitting The Road

  1. Merry Christmas to you and happy travels. Stay safe. Karen and Al

  2. Have a wonderful trip and bring some sun back to Seattle!

  3. Love your car 🙂 Hope the trailer works well. Safe travels.

  4. Mar & Gar:

    First of all thanks for the updates! Do you know the name of the manufacturer of the trailer you bought in Silverton, Oregon?

    Tom Compton

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