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I cannot believe how little I have written this summer.  I can blame it on the lack of internet but the truth is I just find other things to do.  I had to go back and see the last time I posted anything!  And it was a very long time ago.   I think I said something about heading down to the Broughtons.

In all honesty, things got a little crazy there for a few days.   We left Blunden after 3 great nights of anchoring.  We caught some crab, got some nice bottom fish, saw a humpback whale while out fishing and had a couple awesome sunsets.  DSC_0034

We left Blunden and found out Sandpiper was in Sullivan Bay so decided to go there for a night.  That is when it got crazy.  Most of you know we put our building up for sale before we left.  Well, we found out when we had internet that there was an offer and we had less than 2 days to respond.  So, no phone service and the wifi would not download attachments.  The managers at the marina went above and beyond letting us use the satellite phone and their email (faster with their own router) so we were able to with ‘some’ stress make a counter-offer.  We left Sullivan Bay after 2 days not knowing how that went and actually didn’t know for 4 days that they did not accept the counter-offer.  It was a decent offer, and even more decent counter, but not meant to happen yet.

At Sullivan Bay Marina they have a nightly happy hour where you do a meet and greet then an optional golf tournament.  You get two balls and try to hit a floating target.  Hitting it is a night’s free moorage.  Closest to pin gets a free freshly made apple or cherry turnover in the morning.   Simon got bragging rights the first night.  Not sure how because he came in 2nd but they gave him pastries.  Night 2 Garry won the closest to the pin.  It’s kinda funny because they are the least golfy golfers going against real ones.  Simon, especially, has only held a golf club a couple times.  Those that know Simon will crack up over this.   He is constantly talking and making jokes and someone actually asked him if he was a professional comedian!   That made us all crack up!!!

After Sullivan Bay we went to Claydon Bay for 3 nights of anchoring.  We tried some crabbing (Simon did pretty good) and prawning (Garry did ok) and Yvonne and I got to do some kayaking.  Garry took a tumble on some rocks and if he tells you a story about a mother Grizzly and her two cubs and how he fought her off don’t believe him.  It was a slippery loose rock and lots of barnacles.IMG_2451

Our last night at Claydon we were joined by fellow Des Moines Yacht Clubbers, Bill and Judy on the Bumble Bee and Frank and Trish on Double Eagle.  A fun night had by all.  They were going to stay there a few days but were on their way eventually to Pt. Hardy. We had to leave because Yvonne and I were flying out of Echo Bay to come home for a week of fun and frivolity.  She had girls weekend in Spokane to go to and I wanted to check on the house, the grandkids, see Mom, take long an endless showers….. You know… all the fun stuff.  Garry’s son Dale and his friend Tracy flew in to stay the week with Garry.IMG_1637

So, now it is Tuesday night, the 26th.  I have had a great time at home.  Yvonne is due here any minute and we leave early tomorrow morning back to Canada.  We fly into Big Bay Community Dock and Marina and Dale and Tracy fly out.

That is everything… and typed in a hurry!


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