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Post HardySo, Wednesday the 13th and we are in Blunden Harbour and this is our 3rd night here. We had an easy and smooth crossing the Queen Charlotte Straits on Monday. We tried some halibut fishing at Taylor Bank but no luck. Blunden Harbour is a nice protected area and usually a far number of boats here. Our first night we had 4 other boats here, last night 5, and tonight only 3. As we were setting our anchor a hummingbird flew right into our boat. It took a bit of coaxing but we got it out. Then a few minutes later another one almost flew in. Crazy!

We have done some crabbing here with some success. Not too many but we have enough now to enjoy crab a few times. Garry went fishing yesterday and got some nice bottle fish. We both went out today and I have never seen the Queen Charlottes so glassy calm. As we were bobbing along we saw a humpback whale pop up a few times. I took some pictures and I hope they will turn out. I took some pictures in the harbour last night on my iPad and they look really great! I will hopefully post them later. 

Tomorrow we are heading down the the Broughton archipelago area and hope to do some successful prawning and crabbing.  


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