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Port Hardy

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Well, it has been interesting using cell phone this year. It is my first year with a smart phone and I am on the nifty $2 a day Verizon plan for Canada. If I leave cellular off there is no fee. But I learned while in Port McNeill that I was not receiving calls – I was only able to call out. Also, I was not receiving most incoming texts. I called Verizon but it was complicated being on the phone that I needed to be changing settings on so decided to wait on that.
We left Port McNeill early Saturday morning for Port Hardy. We were not able to get on the regular Marina dock so are just next to it at the city harbour dock which is mostly commercial boats. We have a great spot and it is much cheaper moorage so all is well.
Our friend, Gord, who lives here came down to visit so I borrowed his phone and called Verizon. They walked me through the problem. This far north my phone was using the Telus network and it is not very compatible with Verizon. They told me how to switch it to Rogers Wireless and bang, I immediately started receiving about 30 texts that had been sitting in space. And I got a phone call. So all is good.
Garry and Gord are out fishing right now. It has been cool, rainy, wet, then sultry and wet, but no too much wind the last couple of days.
I was just up talking to the marina office and learned some very valuable information. We had been thinking of going to Hope Island and tie up to the First Nation dock in Bull Harbor like we have done in the past but unless you are a First Nation member you are no longer allowed on the island, even to use their docks. Some totally irresponsible people had been going ashore and stealing relics and disturbing ancient burial grounds and bragging about it on social media. Some were caught but a lot of others decided to do the same. I wonder what on earth why they would think this is acceptable. What a beautiful island. I am so glad that I got to visit it a couple of times before this happened.
I am not sure if we are leaving here tomorrow or staying one more night. It probably will depend on how fishing goes today.


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