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We are in Port McNeill for a couple days doing boat maintenance and waiting out some not fun weather. After 4 nights in Ramsay Arm, we headed on a short run to Stuart Island and their community dock in Big Bay. Sandpiper got there just ahead of us. It was pretty empty on the dock which was a bit of a surprise since it had been the long Canada Day weekend. It is always entertaining there to watch boats try to travel through the Rapids at the wrong time.
Tuesday morning was another early departure (5:30 again!) to be able to hit the rapids at the right time. We headed to Sidney Bay in Loughborough Inlet to stay on the docks run by Dane and Helen, longtimers in the area. Sandpiper headed to Forward Harbor. We had a nice chat with Dane and Helen when we took the dinghy over to their home the pay our moorage. Helen is an amazing artist and we got to see her studio for the first time. We wished her an early 85th birthday before we left. They have been in Sidney Bay 47 years, raised their two kids there and are amazing on how they live with the land. Dane is very clever and able to fix, build, and create pretty much anything. He always has a project. We got to meet their son this year who was visiting with his 2 teenage kids. Dane took them back to Campbell River just after we met them.
The weather report for the Johnstone Straits for Wednesday was promising so another early departure (5:30 again!!!) and we left Loughborough. It was a fabulous day on the water, with virtually no wind and glassy smooth water. Sandpiper was ahead of us by about an hour and were headed a different direction than us. We hope to meet back up with them later. Anyway, we boated along and ended up at a community run dock on Malcolm Island which is walking distance to our friends Dan and Denise’s island home. (Dan is also known as Logger Dan to many of us). Amy, a good friend of theirs is staying in a house down the road. We met Amy a few years ago when we all stayed in our motorhomes at the NASCAR race in Las Vegas. We did some visiting then spent a quiet night back at the boat.
We had reservations at Port McNeill the next day to fuel up, provision up and then head further north past Port Hardy today ( Friday ) but yesterday it blew and rained like crazy so we decided to stay a second night. Garry is changing out our fresh water pump because ours was starting to squeal a lot!!! And it was taking forever to pump back up. It is a good project to do when we are in a town in case he needs any fittings or hose or anything else.
We had dinner out last night. The food was ok, but not cooking or doing dishes was great! The marina was jam packed due to the weather but has emptied out quite a bit today. I will check later for weather updates so we can decide what we will be doing next.

update.. We are leaving around 6 in the morning… That is sleeping in!  Will be out of cell etc for several days.  Just found out that we are not receiving any incoming phone calls but we can call out.  Also not receiving voice mails.  I will try to figure it out tonight with Verizon. I hope.


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  1. Glad to see you are having a good trip. We are headed north July 16. Am interested about moorage at Sidney Bay, can you fill me in? Hope to run into you at some point 😊

    • Sidney Bay is about 8 miles up Loughborough inlet just past Beaver Inlet. The moorage floats/docks are on the left side of the bay, quite a ways back. Very secure, room for several boats. $1 a foot moorage. Dane often comes over by boat if it is not anyone he knows. He has some water now, I guess but not when we were there. He was perfecting it.

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