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It’s That Time Of Year

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Well, again it is a mad dash getting ready to leave on our boat for most of the summer.  Every year is crazy but this year even more than usual.  We took a cruise to Alaska on a BIG boat in May with three friends which gobbled up some time but on top of that we have been running around like crazy to put out condo/home/building on the market so it could be listed while we are gone this summer.   The old adage is true – you finally get things done that have been on the list for anywhere from 6 months to 16 years!!!!!

It has been an interesting process so far.  Wonder how long it will take to sell – if it does!   We don’t know where we will end up permanently but at least for a longish short term we will be living back in our old house and renting it from Dale and Christy while we find the perfect, much smaller, place for us to transition to.

So, that is a very brief update for now.  Enjoy the pictures of the double rainbow of last week’s double rainbow and of the Father’s Day sunset.


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