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Home Again, Home Again

Sixty-two days and exactly 5,100 miles later we arrived back home on February 25th.  The last several days of the trip were along the northern California and the entire Oregon coast.  About twice a day Garry would look at me and ask “How long would it take to get back to Mexico?”.   This was mostly due to the weather.  Things were definitely cooler and lots wetter the last week of the trip.  No matter what The Weather Channel App said we seemed to get more rain than predicted.

After we left Crescent City we made our usual ‘beverage’ stop in Smith River at All Star Liquor then crossed into Oregon.  Highway 101 is prone to rock and land slides and the recent rains had definitely done their part to make that happen.  There is a huge sinkhole in Brookings that is actually two that have merged.

We spent two nights in Garibaldi at a great RV park that we found last year.   They were doing a special – stay one night, get one free – so we took advantage of that.  The weather was mostly nice so we offloaded the bike and Honda and used both to do some exploring.  Then it was off for home.  For once, traffic was light on I-5 and we were home and had the RV 90% unloaded by 5:00.  Since then it has been the usual stuff – 2 months of mail, laundry to do, clean the RV, but most important see the family.


Looking over to Washington

So, now we are home for awhile and Garry is already working on things for the boat trip this summer.  I think I will just relax awhile and enjoy the long showers and the big bed.