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Bad Blogger!


I have been a very bad blogger! Shame on me! I looked at the date and realized it has been about 2 weeks since I posted anything! And it is not because of the lack of things to report. I think more of the ‘being lazy’ attitude of a long vacation.
We stayed in Ajo for two nights and then headed off to Tombstone taking the Old Tucson Highway which was much less traffic than I-10! There were tons of Border Patrol vehicles along the way. I am not sure if there are usually that many along that stretch of road as it is so close to the Mexican border or if it was because it was the day a huge drug bust at town by the border crossing where we had crossed two days earlier. It made headlines because of the joint efforts of the Mexican and U.S. The Mexicans did the raid and shoot out but much of the organizing on the U.S. Side of the border to keep the raid under wraps. The local police on the Mexican side were unaware of the plans for the raid.

Anyway, the road we took was pretty remote and all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere a carnival and rodeo was being setup. It was pretty weird to see nothing then a ton of activity.

We got to Tombstone mid-afternoon. We had reservations at a tiny RV park behind a small older motel that I had read about. It was just a block or so from the part of Tombstone that the tourists go to. There were only 10 RV spots total and we fit in one of the empty spaces – just fit – but never had a neighbor on one side so it was fine. The motel runs the park and they were exceptionally friendly. We didn’t hit ‘town’ until dinner time. For a Friday night, town was pretty quiet except where we went for dinner. We went to Big Nose Kate’s. The saloon was named for a lady of ill repute who was eventually one of Doc Holiday’s wives. There was local music and lots of cowboy boots and hats and jeans. We were the only people in shorts so sorta stood out a bit, but that was fine.

Saturday was quite different. Weather was great and tourists arrived in fairly large numbers. We hit all the stores, some of the museums, went to a re-enactment of the shoot-out at the OK Corral, ate ice cream…. You know… All the fun tourist stuff. The thing about Tombstone, though, is that even though it is touristy it is so well done that you really get a great idea of what life was like back then. It is a place that I recommend and one I would go back to.

After Tombstone we headed to Apache Junction. We stayed at the nice KOA RV park we stayed in last year. On one day we had lunch with Pat, a classmate of Garry’s from Onalaska and the next day we had breakfast with Clark, a classmate of mine from Langley. It was super cold – ice in the mornings. We learned we had gotten out of Tombstone just in time because it was 75 when we were there and the day we left they got an inch of snow that night.

After Apache Junction we headed to Mesa. We took our RV back to the place where we had our Kenwood sound system put in last year for some warranty work. They had installed a USB port on the dash and it would not work with my iPod so they fixed that. That night we had dinner with two sets of friends who had never met each other before. We called it double dipping but by doing it all together we got to see them before we left. One person, Howard, Garry has known since he moved to Seattle in 1958. In fact they used to room together back in the day in Columbia City. The others, Gord and Marilyn, are friends from Port Hardy, B.C. We were sure all would get along and we were right.  

After Mesa we headed to Quartzsite for a couple nights. Garry hit all the swap meet stuff and I did a little biking and walking. Then off to Lake Havasu for a large gathering of Des Moines Yacht Club friends.

Jan and Bill Lande rented a house in Havasu for two months. Good friend Robin Miller flew down for several days to visit. More good friends, Frank and Trish Keenan arrived by car on their driving trip south. More good friends and fellow RVers Simon and Yvonne Josowitz arrived and we arrived. We stayed two nights there and had a great Super Bowl party at the house. We hadn’t seen any of these folks in awhile so there was a lot of catching up to do. Monday we headed to Pirates Cove Marina/Resort/RV Park on the Colorado River. Simon and Yvonne came also because they had never been there before. It was crazy windy! I am guessing blowing a minimum of 30 to 35 mph so we couldn’t even put out our chairs. Dust and sand was blowing all over. The rest of the DMYC group was to come out for a bonfire and hotdog roast but it was too windy so we ended up at the restaurant here and that was a really good time. Plus no cooking! What could be better.

We are almost caught up. Today is Wednesday, the 10th. Yesterday was almost as windy as Monday but it was not quite as bad so we put out chairs and tables.  

 Garry had taken on this trip his new drone he gave himself for Christmas. If you know Garry he doesn’t always do things the easy way. He bought a really complicated drone. I had printed out and put in a binder the 60 some page user manual for him but we couldn’t figure anything out AND it has been so windy that he could really try to fly it anyway. Fortunately for Garry (and me!) Simon has the patience to read, call the help desk, read more, call again. After several hours yesterday around 4:00 they decided to try it. All systems go! All lights on! All things say they are locked in. Propellers go around fast! NO LIFTOFF! What? Try again, then again. Another call to the help desk and a transfer to another person and we find out we are at an elevation that somehow didn’t allow it to fly. There is a fix for that but it is something they had to email to us and it has to be downloaded on a computer and then onto the drone. So, first thing this morning the guys took off down to the part of the park where they can get wifi. Using Simon’s laptop and the help desk they are hoping for success today. They have only been gone 2 hours so far, so we shall just see.

We leave here tomorrow and are heading to Bullhead City and Laughlin, then eventually Vegas then start wandering home. Simon and Yvonne take off a different direction so we will say adios to them in the morning as we head our different ways.


2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger!

  1. You had me wondering if you were lost, held up/robbed, or just not blogging so now we know. Not much new here. Demie and Cole dropped in for a visit Saturday PM…she is an absolute sweetheart and he was very nice; 6’4” so he had to bend way down to hug me goodbye. She calls me Grandma Nelson and hugged me several times before they drove off. It made my day.

    Am having Edgar do some yard work today. Yesterday was sunny and beautiful but it started to rain as he arrived with his worker. Oh, well. We’ll see how much gets done.

    Loretta’s funeral is tomorrow but I won’t be going. Both JoAnn and Barb are aware of that. Am sending condolence letters to each of them plus a $50 donation to our library in Loretta’s honor. That will have to suffice.

    Drive carefully; pull a few slot machines for me in Laughlin and Vegas and just plain enjoy.



  2. Many thanks for dinner. Enjoy your trip home. See you in the summer

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