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Nature’s Art

Yesterday we were walking along the beach in Crescent City and I looked down to some beautiful artwork made by Mother Nature.  Little streams of water running through pine needles on the sand.



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Not Crabby

It is really tough this year for the California crabbers. Commercial and recreational crabbing is closed indefinitely due to a toxin in the water. We walked around Crescent City yesterday and saw hundreds and hundreds of crab pots on land or stacked on boats. They are crabbing in Oregon which is only about 15 miles from here. At first that makes no sense, but basically the further north you go the colder the water is so the toxin is not present. Unfortunately all these idle boats can’t crab in Oregon – they are only licensed in California. The crab are probably fine here, but California Fish and Wildlife closed the entire state for now.  

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Clear Lake

It got very hot (for us) and windy when we were at Pirate’s Cove and when we then went on to Bullhead City/Laughlin. We spent two nights at the Riverside Casino RV Park. We did spend some time up on our property at Bullhead City. It was nice to see fewer for sale signs, more new construction and everything looking nice and kept up in the development.  We did did a little gambling our first night in Laughlin. The next day we went to lost and found and tried to find the $$$ we lost on the blackjack table. Hmmm, wonder where it could have gone! Actually, I lost and Garry broke even.

Our second night there we met up with friends from Onalaska up on our property to watch sunset and then go to dinner. Unexpected visitors showed up – 3 cars of people. One was from the property management company and the others were people who lived in the neighborhood. It turns out there was concern that people were illegally camping. They verified we were the owners but then informed us we could not drive on the property. It is against the convenants. Haha! We have been doing it for the past 16 years. I guess you have to have a driveway or something. Anyway, we said we were leaving after sunset so it all got resolved without much problem. 

After this stop we headed a short distance to Cottonwood Cove Marina and RV Park on Lake Mohave just out of Searchlight, Nevada. Again, lots of wind so no drone practicing. Leaving Cottonwood we went to an RV park just outside of Barstow. We took a nice little backroad to avoid going through Las Vegas and drove through the town of Nipton, population 6. The town is for sale – asking price of $5 million. We decided not to make any kind of offer. Once we got on I-15 traffic got horrible. It was a holiday weekend (Sunday) and people were driving in and out and zipping around semi trucks like crazy. The section of I-15 between Vegas and Barstow has a lot of hill climbing and downhill and tons and tons of semi trucks that you try not to get stuck behind. It seemed like a long day even though it wasn’t when we eventually stopped.  

Monday, President’s Day, we left early and were going to go at least as far as Fresno, but for some reason traffic was much better on Monday so we made it to the outskirts of Sacramento. We ended up in a little older place were we were the only transient RVers but it was convenient and it was late so we took it.   

 Our plan for Tuesday was to try a new route to the coast. Sometimes a new road is good, sometimes bad. In this case it was a great decision. We drove through Sacramento then headed west through small towns, farmlands, almond tree orchards, olive tree orchards, wineries and green grass! So nice to see green. 

 I had found what sounded like a nice RV park in Nice on Clear Lake and it turned out to be a gem! We are right on the edge of the lake. The owners are beyond friendly. I got to go kayaking yesterday when it was sunny and calm. I took pictures of Garry holding a ‘crappie’ fish but he really didn’t catch it. One of the guys next to us did. But he did end up helping clean all his fish. 

 We walked to dinner last night and passed by a really cute bed and breakfast called the Railroad Bed and Breakfast. Each cabin is a rail car…. Super cute.

This lake is absolutely beautiful. It is a natural lake, not man made from a dam and is about 18 miles long. Little towns dot both sides. On the side we are on is Lucerne and we are in Nice. Vacation homes area all along the lake with private docks and many a bass fishing boat! 

 The weather changed overnight. We went from the high 70’s and low 80’s to maybe 60 today and heavy wind and some rain. The mountains are getting snow. Tonight thunderstorms are predicted so being on the lake is kinda fun to watch the changes in weather.

We are not sure if we will stay here another night or not. All the weather we check for the trip up the coast is rain, rain, rain and then rain. Garry was wondering today how long it would take to head back to Mexico. I vetoed that plan!

Interesting, isn’t it, that we keep looking for RV parks by water?  The ever changing scene on the water is so relaxing and entertaining.   Soon we will be on the coast and more water!