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Last Days in Bahia de Kino


The last two days in Bahia de Kino were packed with things to do. After a nice long late morning walk on the beach, I went with Garry on the Honda a few miles away to a restaurant that specializes in lobster among many other seafoods. The lunch ended up being pretty much our meal of the day. Garry had grilled lobster with garlic butter dipping sauce. I had what a very spicy lobster dish that reminded me in a way of Chinese food. Lots of peppers and onions sautéed with it. They had the cook cut back on the heat in half because they were worried if I could take it! I am very glad they cut it back but it was delicious.
Friday night ended with a bonfire attended by many of the people we had met during our stay at Islandia RV Park. At the end it was just Garry, me, Jose Luis, Juanita, Paul and Ellen. The guys were so busy talking they missed the shooting star but all us ladies saw it streak across the sky.

Garry and I had heard about an RV park out of town about 6 to 10 miles that was reported to be open after being closed for a few years so we were going to go by Honda to see it on Saturday, but Jose Luis said they they would take us by truck and to pack a picnic. They said it wasn’t open but they knew how to get in. Paul and Ellen were going to follow in their motorcycle.

So, Saturday we packed chairs, food, margarita fixings and cameras to head out on adventure. Ellen had a bad headache so she opted not to go so Paul hopped in the truck with us. Before going to Dos Palmas (Two Palms) RV Park, we drove past it to a small town of the Seri Indian tribe. It was nice to have our ‘tour guides’ Jose Luis and Juanita because they could explain everything we were seeing.

The Seri tribe has its own rules and laws and governing system. If the local Mexican police want to do official business on the Indian land they need to obtain permission. It is a very poor village and they live by their own standards. No matter how poor everyone has satellite TV and cell phones. Most had some electricity. They sell jewelry made from shells and fish scales (very pretty) and the baskets they make are highly coveted and very expensive. A medium size basket sells in the village for 5000 pesos or about $285, but in the cities like Hermisillo they sell for double that. One basket can take up to a year to make.

Juanita had a relative that lived in the village so we were able to get out and take pictures and learn more. The Mexican government had built a nice area for festivals and local gatherings, complete with restrooms and picnic tables but the Indians really don’t use it. When a new house is built for them they take out the windows and doors and sell them…. Partly for the money but also from a cultural standpoint that they don’t like to be enclosed.

After we left the village we backtracked to Dos Palmas. It is really a two phase area. Dos Palmas upper area is open and people own lots and stay in their RVs and/or builds a home of some type. Most of the undeveloped land is owned by a medium aged attractive lady who inherited it all from her elderly husband when he passed away. The lower part of the area is a closed up RV park. Juanita’s cousin’s grandfather is the caretaker so they have the combination to the gate. It has been closed a few years and was not that old when it was closed. It must have been absolutely beautiful when open. The views are incredible, the beach nice and accessible even though a bit of a climb. There was a fantastic clubhouse, pool, spa, palapa viewpoint, snack bar, bar… You name it. There is some confusion on why the owners shut it down but I guess they only came out every other year. They are wealthy and just found other things that must have interested them more. Until recently the water and electricity still worked there. We had a great time with our picnic, margaritas and picture taking.


 Saturday night Jose Luis and Garry and I went to a BBQ rib dinner at the Club Deportiva in Kino Nuevo. It is a private club for North Americans and to attend you had to join or be invited by a member. Jose Luis and Juanita are not members but his cousin is the manager of the Club so they attend occasional functions. We joined with a one week membership. The Club does all sorts of fundraisers to use for various causes in the community and also runs a volunteer emergency response team. The dinner was great and after there was a little skit by some of the members… Funny and hokey… And like all things where it is all ‘senior’ people the evening ends early. They parking lot was almost empty by the time we left at 7:30!



 We sadly packed up all our things and got ready for a departure back to Puerto Penasco Sunday morning.


2 thoughts on “Last Days in Bahia de Kino

  1. You guys are really having a great vacation!

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  2. Sounds wonderful, especially the one event with parking lot almost empty by 7:30. My kind of event! Drive home carefully and safely.

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