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Ajo Again


Sunday we headed back to Puerto Penasco. We had heard that there was a shorter way to get there than the 9 hour drive we had come on the way down. Fortunately, Jose Luis’ cousin knew about the route. There was trepidation by many of the RVers we talked to because there had been a huge washout the previous year and the road was rumored to be pretty bad in places…. BUT if it was passable it was 150 kilometers shorter and it would be different scenery.  We decided to try the new way, promising to let Paul and Ellen know about what we thought because they were heading to Puerto Penasco on Monday. It turned out to be even better than we had hoped. There was a one mile stretch that was still under repair from the washout so the detour took a few minutes but it was not bad at all. There were some sections with large potholes so you had to be willing to look for the best side of the road to be on but there was little traffic so that wasn’t much of a problem. After about 2 hours of passing farmland and cacti we arrived in a small town of Puerto Libertad. It is a port where oil comes in by ship and there is a small refinery there. We topped off with fuel, ate lunch and then followed a road the young man at the Pemex fuel station said to take. Turns out it is a pretty new road and not on mapquest or paper maps yet. It was beautiful and actually had shoulders on the side of the road – pretty unheard of where we had been traveling! And there were formal pull outs and one really nice picnic area with a view of Puerto Lobos. This road saved us tons of time. The whole trip including fuel stops and lunch took under 6 hours!!! We arrived back at our RV park on the beach just after 2:00 in the afternoon. We watched the end of the first NFL playoff game on our tv in the RV then wen to Wrecked at the Reef to watch the Arizona/Panthers game.  

The weather in Puerto Penasco is about 10 degrees cooler than Bahia de Kino and it was pretty windy. The park is still fairly empty so we had a spot with empty spaces on both sides.  

Paul and Ellen arrived on Monday afternoon. They travel all over the place but had never been to Puerto Penasco before. It was great getting to know them more. They are about my age (I think she is a bit younger) and they owned a restaurant/bar on Lake Superior for years that they sold a few years ago. It was a very successful and summer seasonal place on the lake so for years they have traveled for months every winter. The owned a sailboat and would sail for months at a time. They now have a motorhome similar to ours. They have traveled all over Mexico, Belize, Central America, Baja California… I can’t remember all the places. Garry had gone fishing Tuesday so we had them over for a fish fry that night and heard fascinating stories about their travels; especially one very very scary sailing adventure where it was so bad rescue boats could not leave a port to try to locate them after they broke down. I thought I got scared at times when we boat but it is nothing compared to what happened to them on this one adventure in the Gulf of Mexico. Enough of that, though!

Sadly, we said goodbye to Paul, Ellen and Puerto Penasco yesterday (Wednesday) and crossed the border back into the United States. The border crossing took all of about 1 minute as did the Border Patrol stop several miles up the road. We are back in our favorite RV place in Ajo for two nights and then are heading to Tombstone for a couple of days.

We have an update on our demand hot water system. Garry was able to get through to the customer service of the manufacturer today to find out the problem we have ended up with a recall going out. We are in the process of deciding whether to deal with it before we go home or try to get the part sent somewhere to have it installed along the way. That takes some planning so we don’t know yet what we will do. In the meantime the way we are dealing with it is what they recommend for safety reasons.  

Garry was running out of projects and I made the mistake of saying that out-loud. What happens? One of the water heater connections started leaking and I woke up one morning to wet carpet on my side of the bed. So today Garry has taken things apart and just now putting them back together. Hopefully the leak will be stopped. In the meantime we keep the water pump turned off until we need to use it, then turn it on briefly and right back off again. It is convenient that the hot water switch and the water pump switch are next to each other.  


4 thoughts on “Ajo Again

  1. When Don and I were in AZ, almost every weekend we would go to Tombstone for the re-enactment of a shootout, then we went to the ice cream store run buy a couple of older women (who must have the strongest wrists in the state). Please stop in there and eat a cone for me; chocolate, of course. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and feel as if I were there also.

    Can you hear it rain? It is coming down cats and dogs—I know because I just walked through a poodle. Har har.

    Took more pictures today of the beach and its changes, will send them on to you.



  2. There is a Wild West show I think on the west side of town, there is a street car style bus there also. Don’t waste your time or $$ on that show. We were there about 3 weeks ago.

  3. You can also have your water heater part sent to me. If you miss it here I will UPS it to your home.

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