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Life at Islandia

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What is not to love about Mexico! We have been having the best time and are staying longer than intended. We are already planning on coming back next year!The Islandia RV park is probably the best place because it is such a friendly community. Many of the people have been coming for several years and store their RVs here year round and drive down. Others are like us and stay for a few days to a few months. Everyone is willing to help each other and watch out for each other.

Here are a few notables –  

Ray – Ray is from Canada and is 84. He came down 4 years ago with his wife and their 5th wheel. She left him and took the truck so he had no way to tow the 5th wheel home so he stayed. He was so sick last time we were here and everyone was worried that it had gone into pneumonia. We saw him today and he looks so much better.

Jose Luis and Juanita – both were born not far from here but have a home in Southern California where there 3 kids live, plus a home in Hermisillo that they are in the process of selling. They have been coming here for a long time. They are in a nice 5th wheel with a large patio area and are hoping to be spending several months a year here. They know everyone and everything so I pick their brains constantly. When I can, I walk with them in the mornings.

Annette – Annette is from Portland, then Arizona and has lived here year round for about 8 years. She looks way too young to be retired. She has an Airstream trailer and a nice patio area. She takes in stray dogs, gets them healthy and finds nice homes for them. She constantly feeds us local knowledge and advice.  

Dan and PJ – Dan and PJ have a converted old bus. It is huge. And old! They have been coming here from Oregon for 37 years and stay about 5 months or so. Unfortunately, PJ has whatever Ray had so we are worried about her. They have New Mexico friends of theirs next to them who are French. And they have friends behind us in a 5th wheel who are French.

The family from Yellowknife – a new addition while we were gone was a young family from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They have a 3 1/2 year old girl, a 2 year old boy and an 8 month old baby girl and were going to be here for a week but love it so much are staying a month or more. It is much warmer here than 40 below in Yellowknife. He is on leave from work for a few months so they can do this.

Carol – Carol drives a car with Oregon license plates but is from Southern Calif. She has a daughter near Portland. She has a trailer and a very nice patio area that is here year round and then her small RV that uses to go back and forth in. She bailed us out yesterday because she has a printer and we needed to print legal documents to review. She overheard that and had me forward them to her so we could do that. See! I told you everyone takes care of each other.

Paul and Ellen – our neighbors to the left of us. They are from Wisconsin and summer there, but winter in Tennessee and then travel all over in their RV which is similar to ours. They get around in a nifty BMW motorcycle but Paul admired our Honda Trail 90. Super nice people and it is fun swapping travel stories with them.

The list goes on…but I am probably boring you all so will stop for now.


One thought on “Life at Islandia

  1. You should continue about the people as it is so interesting. Have a great time and drive home safely.

    Have you heard from Robin? Tanika has been in the hospital with such back pain she couldn’t walk. A surgeon saw her today and said she had the largest bulging disc he had ever seen and needs surgery. Now it will be up to L&I as to whether they will okay the surgery. She is home now but is to stay in bed. She has an appointment on Tuesday and we will know more then.

    Thank you for accepting me on Facebook. You know how long it has been that I have refused but finally decided I am missing out too much on family news and photos. I want to communicate with family,i.e. children and grandchildren only. After reading names from your list, I think I checked on everyone I need. Now I will see how it goes. Don’t expect to hear much from me.

    Love and hugs.


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