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Back in Bahia de Kino

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We have been back at the Islandia RV Park in Bahia de Kino since Monday afternoon, after a brief stop in Hermisillo at Walmart for supplies and to have Garry’s glasses repaired. He lost on nose pad and they replaced it for free. It costs about $3 at home to get it done.

The RV park is much busier than when we were here a couple weeks ago, but driving to Nuevo (New) Kino and looking at their RV parks it is the only one busy. The others have anywhere from 2 to 6 rigs in spots. We were lucky at the Islandia and got one of two spaces still open. We have been pretty darn lazy and I almost feel guilty – but not quite – about updating the blog. We continue to explore local restaurants and have been riding the Honda around and about. Today we had lunch a mile or so away where they specialize in lobster. Again, we were the only customers but then as we were leaving a small group of Americans came in.

Yesterday in the RV park a lady from Hermisillo came and set up a manicure and pedicure station at our friend Juanita’s RV space and several of us took advantage. I had a pedicure after watching to make sure all was sanitary and good. Juanita’s husband has been in Hermisillo where they are in the process of selling their house but he got back last night so Juanita, he and I walked again this morning for an hour or so on the beach. Tomorrow the 4 of us are taking picnic lunches down the road to some places they know where there is another little town with a closed RV park and another one that supposedly has reopened. It will be fun to explore with them since they know everything about the area. I will take all the cameras because Juanita said it will be beautiful when we get there.

Our plans are to leave here on Sunday morning and drive the 8 hours back to Puerto Penasco, listening to NFL play-off games on XM radio. We will probably stay there about 3 days or so then finally back into the States.  

One thing I forgot to write about the last time we were here was about the Kino Bay Center, which is part of Prescott College. Prescott College is a small private institution of higher learning in Arizona offering B.A. B.S., M.A. and Doctorate degrees with a mission emphasizing field studies, small class size, experiential and environmental education, self direction, and a commitment to the environment, social justice and the liberal arts. Prescott College has had a presence in this ecologically and culturally unique region since 1969 when classes first explored Sonora and the Midriff Islands. The Kino Bay Center was established in 1991. I met one of the field coordinators our first time here and learned that young students come and live in homes to immerse themselves in the language and culture but also do studies on the water and in the mountains for weeks at a time. I part of what I wrote sounded pretty darn professional it is because I cut and pasted it from Prescott College’s website! Gotta love cut and paste!


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