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Tid Bits from San Carlos

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It is always interesting to pick up on local lore that grabs your attention.  For example, did you know the move Catch-22 was filmed here?  Yesterday we drove past the remnants of the buildings used for some of the filming.  On a more current tid bit, if you are a fan of Deadliest Catch, CaptainWild Bill (Wichrowski)  of the fishing boat Cape Caution, has a place here.  And there used to be a Club Med here.  And a Howard Johnsons.  

This time of year all the locals and the North Americans that live here for most of the year think it is cold.  They are wearing sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, gloves.   We are wearing shorts and at night might out on a sweatshirt.  Because it is the slow season we are often the only ones in a restaurant… Or almost the only.  That is kinda cool because you get to talk to your servers or owners of the place.  I have practiced my poor Spanish but am improving daily.  Garry know no Spanish but is able to communicate, too, somehow. Uno mas marguerite poor favor! Or cerveza!

Yesterday Garry went fishing with new friend Bob and two of his fishing friends.  You leave early so you can be in before the winds kick up.  They caught some interesting bottom fish.  Then for lunch Bob and Darlene took us out to La Manga for local seafood.  La Manga is a little community a few miles out of the more developed San Carlos area.  We were told they were all squatters.  There is electricity and power not but that has not always been the case.  Not too sure about their sewer arrangements,  if you catch my drift.  And the drift better not be downwind!

There is a type of huge prehistoric looking king spider crab thingy that is not here every year, but is this year.  Bob and Darlene bought some that was being cleaned but we were a little more cautious.

We leave in the morning to go back to Kino Bay.  We had to move out of our penthouse unit to a really nice 1 bedroom one because ours was rented to someone else starting today.  This unit is decorated much nicer but is 5 floors lower and not quite the view.  Still, it is very nice and I would stay in it again.

Tonight we go next door to the Palapa restaurant.  Garry made a bet on the Seahawks game the other day with the Greek owner,  Rafael, and he needs to pay him off.  Bummer.  But it means more good food, so I can live with that!


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