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Update From San Carlos


Well, I guess it is about time to update everyone. We are currently in San Carlos, Mexico and have been here since Friday. It was about a 2.5 hour drive south from Kino Bay. Once again we were not sure where anything was when we got into town but as it turns out there is one main ‘touristy’ street and finding the RV park was very easy. We were able to select our own space and we set up camp. Unfortunately, our Dish TV would not pick up any satellites but there was cable tv with 5 good channels – one of which the Seahawks would be televised on for their Sunday game.
Knowing we would be in San Carlos awhile we decided to rent a car to do some sightseeing and be more mobile so we got a nice little Nissan. Driving around on Saturday we found a nice condo/hotel called the Posada just a little ways down the road. Their prices for short term stays were so reasonable we rented the penthouse for 4 nights. As a friend said to me, it is like a vacation from our vacation! It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath corner top floor unit with Direct TV so we knew we would totally enjoy the game. We are paying $165 a night but if we had rented it for a month the price would have been $55 a night. The one bedrooms are about $89 a night right now.

Saturday we also called and met Bob and Darlene. They are the parents of one of Garry’s nephew’s friends. They are from Washington and live here 6 months of the year. We were invited over for a great dinner of BBQ ribs and met some of their friends. Because it is a small world we discovered many friends in common. Our son-in-law Jason works for a trucking company in Seattle. Bob and Darlene are super good friends of one of the owners of the company. On top of that, years ago they used to live next door to Des Moines Yacht club friends, Mike and Bette McQuade. They had lost touch with them a while back so had not hear that Mike had passed away a couple of years ago.

San Carlos is a nice community with plenty of restaurants and bars, hotels, condos and great beaches. It is a big draw for Canadians and the U.S because it is so close to the border. I think it is about a 6 hour or 7 hour drive to Tucson. Something like that. 

We have been driving around for a few days and exploring towns and cities. We spent one day driving a scenic road to Guaymas and yesterday drove a couple hours south to Obregon. The large cities we have been through now are Hermisillo, Guaymas and Obregon. Hermisillo has a population of almost 800,000. It is the capital of the state of Sonora and has almost all of Sonora’s manufacturing. Ford opened an assembly plant here a few years ago that is a large contributor to the economy. Guaymas is much smaller with a population of about 134,000. It has the main port for the state of Sonora and cruise ships come in plus there is a ferry to the baja. Guaymas definitely has an older city feel. Obregon has a population of about 400,000 and is the 2nd largest city on Sonora. It has a much newer feel to it compared to Guaymas. In all 3 cities you find chain restaurants and stores such as Burger King, McDonalds, Walmart, NAPA, KFC. I spotted a Starbucks in Obregon. Garry was in heaven yesterday because we went to Home Depot in Guaymas and bought a couple things.

The roads we travel range from very nice to fair. There are huge speed bumps as you enter and exit small towns along the way to the larger cities. I mean HUGE! The speed limits vary from 40 km to 110 km but no one seems to really follow them. On some of the roads 2 lanes are used as 3 so passing can be done. Basically everyone squeezes off to the far side to make room for someone passing. After awhile you start doing it too.

On the main highway yesterday we paid a tariff of 65 pesos … Just under $4….on our way to Obregon and did the same on the way back. There is road construction and improvements being done and this is partly how it is paid for. 

Food has been wonderful but Mexican food is hard to find in San Carlos. The distinction is seafood vs Mexican food. The seafood is so plentiful that most restaurants feature that. We did find a great place last night for burritos and chimichangas, similar to home but with a local twist. All in all we have enjoyed the food. We have not tried the octopus but the prawns are great any way they fix them. The lobster is small but good.

This is the slow season for tourists so many hotels, condos and restaurants are very slow. The busy time starts around Easter and then it gets crazy, I guess. Last night we were the only people in the restaurant where we ate even though it was right by the marina and next to a nice hotel/spa.  

Weather wise we are cool at night – in the 40’s – then into the mid 70’s during the day. It is pretty windy at times to a lot of boats have not been going out fishing. Today is much calmer but the winds tend to pick up in the afternoon.

Our schedule has been determined by the Seahawks, so we are staying until Monday, the 18th. We decided to keep having a vacation from our vacation so are in the condo until then and kept the rental car until Sunday. You gotta love it! When we leave here we will head back to Kino Bay for a few days then back to Puerto Penasco then back to the U.S.  


2 thoughts on “Update From San Carlos

  1. Looks like fun

  2. Sure sounds like a great vacation, especially the vacation from your vacation. Just keep on enjoying.

    I made a huge pot of vegetable soup two days ago and took 2 quarts of that plus 2 quarts of potato soup to Claire today, plus enough for our lunch and her dinner of the veggie soup. She has to keep her left leg elevated above her heart as much as possible so before and after lunch we sat in the living room with her leg up. The infected area looks awful. I wish I had taken my iPad so a picture could be taken. Part of it has turned black (necrosis) and the red area is so inflamed looking; she is on antibiotics plus cream containing them that is applied to the area. I am very concerned about her.

    No news since we talked. All is well for me. The biggest thing is I slept for 9 1/2 hours last night! I haven’t slept that long for years—from midnight to 9:29 AM. Of course there were the two-hour spaces between bathroom visits, but I went right back to sleep each time so got lots of rest. It is unusual for me sleep beyond 8 AM so this was a huge surprise. Tomorrow is Thursday, my play day, so will be at coffee hour by 10 AM. Saturday is a MAGIC Board meeting in Coupeville so Kaylene is taking me and we will shop in Oak Harbor, trying to lunch with Helen before that meeting. I have been on the Board for a year already and this will be my first meeting as they don’t meet that often and they did not send me a memo for the last meeting. This must prove how unnecessary I really am as a member. However, I am still learning a lot about my iMac and iPad.

    Two of the pictures came through for me but not the rest. Keep trying! Especially the one with the Gary comment.

    Love and hugs from Mom


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