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Bahia de Kino


We woke up Monday morning to heavy winds and torrential rains.  The skies were so dark we overslept to got our of Puerto Penasco later than planned by at least on hour.  As we were pulling out of the RV Park we saw where the rain had washed out sand from under a trailer and it was on a very heavy tilt.  A large tractor like thing was there to try to right the trailer so it could be moved to a better location.

The drive from Puerto Penasco was not difficult but it took about two hours longer than expected.  For the most part the roads were fine but there was a section under repair and it reminded us of when we drove to Yellowknife in Canada one summer.  If it was sunny you were in dust.  If it rained you were in mud.  We were in rain.  There went our nice clean RV.

We passed through one immigration stop where we showed passports, visas and the registration for the RV.  They checked the registration numbers to make sure it matched, came in and did a very brief look inside and said have a nice day.

When we got on Highway 2 and then later Highway 15 there were toll stops.  The first one took U.S. Dollars reluctantly.  The second one said it did not.  After much discussion between the girl in the toll booth and another guy she collected U.S. Dollars and put them in her pocket and waved us through.  Getting pesos went up high on our ‘to do’ list.

We navigated the very large city of Hermisillo without getting lost and not yelling at each other.  That was a major thing because in Hermisillo we had to exit the main highway and find our way to Bahia de Kino with barely any decent maps.  Somehow we did it.  But because of our late start and  longer drive time than expected it was 5:00 p.m when we got to the small town and had no idea where the RV parks were.  The on-line info mentioned a couple but with no real location information.   We drove to the far end of Nuevo Kino and found the Kino Bay RV Park.  The office was closed but a nice guy from one of the spaces said to just pick a place and register in the morning.  So that is what we did.  The RV park was fine, but not what we were hoping for.  Except for one lady everyone was very friendly but it is hard to say what was missing.  Well, besides wifi.  It just didn’t have any atmosphere of the quaint fishing town we had heard about.  Nuevo Kino is mostly newer homes and condos on the water side of the one street.  Few restaurants and only a couple mini marts dotted the other side.  We decided to pay for the night we stayed and try to find something else.  Worse case would be to come back to the same place again, which would have been fine.

Happily we found the Islandia RV Park down on the water in the old town.  Following confusing dirt roads and using my iPhone we got close. There was a police car in the road ahead of us so Garry had me ask for directions.  They just said to follow them and about 2 blocks later the escorted us in the park.  Pretty cool!

We eventually found the office and three people (of which one spoke a tiny bit of English) walked us through the park and showed us the spots that were available.  We paid for two nights but the way things are looking we will probably be staying longer.  It is exactly what we were hoping for.  It is a real blend of people from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico and who knows where else.  Many have come here for years.  Quite a few keep their rigs here permanently by paying an annual lease for the space.  The guy in the space next to us has been here four years.  He came with his wife then.   She left him and took the truck so he can’t pull the 5th wheel….. So he just stayed.

Last night a group of our new friends invited us to watch sunset and then the next thing you know there was a bonfire.  Many beverages were consumed, lots of laughter ensued.  We learned a lot of the ins and outs of Kino.  Most is good.  Some is quirky.  For example, there are few restaurants with a liquor license to you just take your own.  On the downside there is nothing around like a sports bar or a place to watch the Seahawks on Sunday morning.  Our satellite isn’t picking up enough satellites to get it.  A couple people from the bonfire last night are going to try to figure something out because they want us to stay until then.  If we don’t have a solution we will probably head to San Carlos on Saturday.  There is a restaurant here that is going to see if their Mexican cable gets the game and if so will open up for a group here from the RV park.   A few people here can get it on their satellite tv but their RVs are too small for a large group…. Plus we are pretty much strangers so we don’t want to intrude.

Today is a holiday/festival called The Day of The Kings.  Many places are closed and there is gift giving to children.  There is also the baby Jesus cake.  Garry bought special holiday cake that has a baby Jesus in it somewhere and we are to take it to the bonfire Thursday night.

It is good to pick the brains of people here.  I told Garry when we leave we should take the shortcut to San Carlos and avoid going back to Hermisillo.  I was told by at least five people today to not follow that plan.  The road is so bad it could do damage to our RV so it will be back to Hermisillo and then south toward Guaymas


3 thoughts on “Bahia de Kino

  1. keep the shotgun loaded and the bar full

    have fun

    jim c

  2. …You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille…took my truck so I can’t move my 5th wheel…. Sounds like you are having a Gar and Mar time of it. Keep blogging!

  3. Sometimes when reading your posts, I wish I were with you, but others make me glad I am home, nice and cozy with large screen for the Seahawks game. And so it goes.

    Robin is quite sick. All during her week’s vacation she had a bad cold but they came for a couple of days for New Year’s eve and day. So far I haven’t come down with a cold so must be fine. Then she got the virus that is going around (some call it the Noro virus) and had to go home Monday after doing payroll. Haven’t talked with her today but told her to come here and I would take care of her. While they were here the weather was gorgeous—cold but so pretty. They helped me take down all the indoor decorations, we three-person relayed it all upstairs and Mario tucked everything under the eaves so it went very well for me. They left early, frost was still white on the ground but it seemed warm so I took down all the outside decorations and put them away. Everything went slick as a whistle, which means next year I will try to do the same thing by having you come the end of November to help me set things up then have them come to help me break them down. A piece of cake for me, just more work for you kids. May not do outside next year as it is getting to be harder and harder then colder and colder.

    My propane tank was down to 10% when William came to fill it on Monday—have had the heat on night and day while it was in the 30s. Yesterday I cancelled Surety Pest Control after we found a dead mouse upstairs and the house smelling bad for a couple of weeks because of a dead critter. When asked why I was cancelling I said it was just like it was before signing up and I didn’t like paying $43 a month for no changes. No problem with these reasons for quitting but today a nice young man called walking me through the thing and could understand why I was quitting but he would like to come with the worker, go under the house and try to fix the problem. I feel there are places mice can get in, like the hole in the floor where the pipes are. Surety Pest’s reasoning is that all people should fix any problems with the structure before doing what I want. I told him I did not want to shore up my foundation when that did nothing about stopping rats and mice. So I agreed that they could come this month to check it all out and then I would decide whether to stay with them or cancel for good. To me, $43 adds up over time and I can use that money in a better way—like taking trips.

    Enjoy Mexico and your new friends; listen to their advice about they roads as they know what they are talking about.

    Love and hugs from Mom


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