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Welcome, 2016!  

What a great time we have been having in Puerto Penasco! The weather has been pretty windy and so that makes things cooler than it might have been but the high 50s up to the mid 60s sure is nice. Today, football Sunday, it should hit 70 degrees before the rain and lighting might get here tomorrow. By then we should be on the road further south.New Year’s Eve was a total blast. Our dinner at the Mare Blu restaurant was fabulous. Our favorite waiter from last year and champagne waiting for us. His cutie patiootie son, Gilbert Jr., was also giving us great service. The restaurant was busy with quite a few large groups. Everyone was in great party moods.  

After our dinner we headed next door to Wrecked At The Reef. Their party had a wait list of 200 to 300 people. They don’t open ticket sales for the party until the day after Halloween. I had ours reserved for this year on that day. The place was really decorated nicely and people were dressed up to party. It cost $50 a person to get in. Even though there was no food it was a full open bar all night with champagne at midnight. The band was outstanding. I don’t think we sat out more than five dances. Sometimes Gar would ask another woman to dance, but usually a guy asked me then so it was fine with me! Everyone is from somewhere other than here so there was plenty to talk about. This time of year, though, most of the people here are from Arizona. We wandered home about 12:30 and crashed!

New Year’s Day was pretty darn relaxed with some napping, taking a walk, reading…. Just being totally lazy. Yesterday (Saturday) we hopped on the Trail 90 and went to find a hardware store for a couple nuts and then went to the malecon to be tourists. You would not believe all the waves, whistles and looks we get riding that 1970 yellow motorbike. I think it was the bike, but maybe it was the combination of that and the slightly older riders. We probably could have sold the bike 20 times by now. The bulk of other motorized transportation other than cars and trucks are the dune buggy type things that are street legal. They are fast, loud, have roll bars and usually music blasting. There are some dunes and trails right here so it is a huge deal. The people driving them are pretty respectful and careful even as they go flying down the road and onto the dunes. And the partying tends to be done by about 10:00 at night, with just the occasional firework going off.

While we were in town we had a nice lunch and I decided I needed to buy a really nice Seahawk blanket. I have it on the bed as a bedspread right now. I didn’t realize how big it was until I had to hold onto it while hanging on to Garry’s back as we road the bike back to the RV park….which was about 5 miles away!

Today we are getting organized to leave pretty early in the morning for Kino Bay (Bahia Kino) which is approximately 320 miles further south. It is supposed to be a very nice, small and quaint village with a couple RV parks and condo rentals. We are packing things now because we are going back to the Reef to watch the Seahawk game and the game here won’t be over until almost dark. It should be interesting to see if there are any other Seahawk fans besides us there since we are playing Arizona. I am wearing my Steve Largent jersey and Garry is wearing his 2006 Super Bowl t-shirt.  

We continue be pleasantly surprised how friendly everyone is here. Is it the sunshine that just puts everyone in a good mood? We have had great RV neighbors all around us.   

I am not sure if I mentioned how happy we were with our Dish To Go satellite system we installed just before we left. It has worked great everywhere. And with the Dish plan we only pay for months that we use it. That is a much better deal than having a one or two year contract and only use it a couple months a year. We have different ‘local’ stations wherever we go so right now we are local with Tucson. It’s kind of nice to see news from the area plus we then get the national news. The hardest part is figuring out channels when we move from place to place.  

That’s it for now! Go Hawks!!!


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  1. Your New Year’s Eve sounded like sooo much fun!

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