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Hi from Puerto Penasco

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Pickle LawLike Murphy’s Law, the Pickle Law holds true in the motor home. Sometimes I call it the Curse of the Pickle. All I know is that no matter how tight the lid is on the pickle jar or how safe it is tucked away in the fridge by day two of a road trip there will be pickle juice everywhere. Such a lovely smell every time the fridge is opened. And it is almost as hard to clean up as a spill of prime rib au jus. OK, the au jus was harder to clean but the smell was not as bad.
Hot Water Law

Another law should be “do not mess with something that works”. I mentioned about putting in a new on-demand hot water system just before we left. It was so we would have an endless supply of hot water rather than letting water run for long lengths of time before it got hot, then running out before two people could shower. A few “dry runs” before we left might have been nice. The first time it failed was our fault… Just a little switch in the wrong position.

But last night I couldn’t get any hot water to do dishes. Gar spent most of the morning following schematics and theories and trying to find out how to have a part delivered to a remote RV park in Mexico. After phone calls, trial and error, we think the problem is fixed. I took a hot shower right away in case it goes out again. The super nice people in the large motorhome next to us had discussed our situation and offered their shower. A very generous offer, but we would probably not have taken them up on it… But still, very generous.
BacktrackIng a bit, we got to Puerto Penasco about 1:00 yesterday. We were randomly stopped at the Mexican border and because we hope to go further south we had to go to the Immigration office and get travel visas. That was easy and not very expensive. Everything upon arrival went like clockwork. Our space we had reserved was waiting for us, even though someone else wanted it. Our New Years party tickets were waiting at the Wrecked at the Reef bar and our dinner reservations at the Mare Blue restaurant was still on the books.  

The RV park is not full at all but the popular oceanfront spaces are all taken. Lots of fireworks were going off last night on the beach. It is pretty cold for here. It is supposed to hit 63 today but there is a strong wind off the water so feels much cooler. By Monday or Tuesday rain is predicted. We get Tucson as our local tv stations and they are expecting quite a bit of rain, wind and snow in higher elevations by Monday or Tuesday.

Garry is out riding the Honda Trail 90 motorbike. I road my bicycle for a bit yesterday just to remember how to ride. Otherwise we are being pretty laid back til the festivities tonight.  

Hope you all have a very good and safe New Years.


One thought on “Hi from Puerto Penasco

  1. Hi Mar & Gar:

    Wow, lots of challenges and opportunities! With MacGyver (aka. Garry) on board most challenges become fixes. Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s. We remember last year the awesome time we had at your party!

    Safe travels, and keep us posted.

    Tom & Kathryn

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