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It’s Almost Time


Hard to believe but we are getting ready to hit the road again in the RV for a couple of months.  We had such a good time in Puerto Penasco, Mexico last February that we made reservations to be back there for this New Year’s Eve.  It seemed like such a good idea at the time.  Leave the day after Christmas?  Sure, no problem.  That is, of course, if everything is done to the RV that was on the list.  Oh, dear.  Crunch time and it will be close.   What’s been checked off the list?  Well, a demand hot water system, a satellite TV, shelving storage by entertainment center, more storage under the sink, a new awning and a bike rack to go behind the rack for the Honda Trail 90.   I think there is more but that is the bulk of it.

The winter weather in the passes is hopefully not going to be a big issue.  Last year there was no snow anywhere so driving was a snap.  Might not be the same this year!

Our goal is to put in a super long day on the 26th so we can stop early on the 27th to watch the Seahawk game.  If things go according to plan we will be in Ajo, Arizona on Tuesday the 29th and arrive in Puerto Penasco on the 30th.  The weather there is certainly nicer than here but has been only in the 60’s this week.  Still, that sounds better than here!

So, once again we invite you to follow us on our journey!




3 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time

  1. have fun be safe ….jim

  2. I enjoy hearing about your trips and the people you meet.

  3. Have fun and stay out of trouble…….or choose one depending on how you feel that day !

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